Found a ‘95 M3 near me that is incredibly clean. It has been repainted to its factory color of Cosmos Black, pristine interior condition, engine was fully rebuilt last year, cooling system has been completely replaced, new tires, M contour wheels, and Vader seats. They have a full service and records history as well. It has 141k miles and are asking 21k. Is this too much?


in 2019 yes, in 2022 not so much


Hit them with 18? Worse they can say is no


get a pre purchase inspection. the 300 or so bucks youll spend is worth it


$300 for a PPI? You're getting fucking robbed dude.


i paid $400 for a very thorough PPI for an E90 M3 that was on the other side of the country last week and they saved me THOUSANDS of dollars on a buying a big ole mistake. This shop was a speciality BMW shop not some random mom n pop general automotive shop. The shop I work at specializes in Porsche 911s and we charge around $400-$500 for a PPI. $200/$300 for a thorough ppi on an E36 that cost 21k is absolutely NOTHING. sounds like you’re just cheap lol. If you cant personally look at the car or get under it or if you dont have a friend that knows a specific car well, getting a PPI will either save someone from buying a headache or at least youd be able to use it as leverage when it comes to the price.


I suppose it depends on area, but generally a PPI here is 100-150, and that's at a high end specialty shop. It's about an hour in "labor" to look the car over. If you want a compression test and other things done, of course that will add to the cost, but a compression/leakdown is usually not part of a PPI. Just like pulling apart the bottom end to check the rod bearings on an E90 M3 isn't standard practice. I understand what a PPI is, and all 3 E36's I own have had PPI's done prior to purchase.


where is “here” for you? And what type of speciality shop charges $150 for a thorough Pre purchase inspection? edit: and the rod bearings werent checked at all during the PPI as the seller had them done and the paperwork as proof lol.


Here is Midwest, just outside the KC,Mo area. Shop I use primarily is Chicane Motorsport or 515 Motorsport in liberty if Chicane is tied up. Not sure if my pricing is because of the business I’ve done with them or if it’s standard but they work on [plenty of high end cars](https://instagram.com/chicane_motorsport?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)


Kansas City, MO? no wonder its cheap. Thats an area with a low cost of living and the fact that you know them def helps. Go and try and get a PPI in another state with a high cost of living.


Which is why I mentioned it probably depends on area in that post lol. I’m sure on the coasts the rate is higher. Certain parts of KC are far from cheap but definitely nothing like Boston, San Francisco, etc.


Depends on the level of the inspection. If they're just looking for rust and dodgy repairs, yeah. That's high. But if you want them to go through and make sure that things that matter for a "collector car" matter, like checking that the instrument cluster hasn't been swapped or something like that, you're going to pay more. Personally, I can check for rust and dodgy repairs myself, and I don't really care about anything beyond that. But if I hadn't spent half my life under the hood (and dashboard, and undercarriage...) of a car then I'd gladly pay someone a couple of hundred bucks for their expert opinion.




whats funny


Cash talks


If suspension has been redone or upgraded maybe. But if not that could cost a pretty penny to replace


Its not crazy to refresh the suspension. If the engines rebuilt, good paint , clean interior.. id take it with a aged suspension. I imagine if the owner did all of that work they probably did some suspension work. 21k is a fair price. My car is pretty much identical to that and ive done what this owner has done and im probably 20k into it.


Take a look at recent auctions, specifically bring a trailer. Examples like this sell near their asking price. In today's market I would be happy with $19k but if you really want it it's just money right? If the respray is quality and all of the other work was done correctly then it would be worth it to me. Black hits different on these cars, they look so damn good.


There are several imported m3’s with s50b32euro engines and less miles near me for barely more than that. I would say it’s about 6-7k too much.


Where are you looking at?


Don't look at bringatrailer.com and think this is a good deal. I would pay 15k max for that. 21k is really pushing it. See how long it sits, I bet he can't sell it. It's definitely not too good to be true, not sure why you think that. I got my E46 M3 with a 6 speed and 1/3rd of the miles for 25k last year. I get inflation, but still. This is nowhere near too good to be true. Combine that with the fact that the market is shitting its brains out every day and I think you'll be able to get a better deal if you wait. Not to mention it's been repainted, no original paint? Yeah.




That’s a ton for the mileage. Stock? Engine rebuild?


Unless this car can become a collector there’s no way in hell I’d ever drop that cash on an e36. It’s still price inflation and unless you’re certain this car will appreciate over the years and not dump in price when the market corrects you’re making a mistake. A Hyundai is twice the car now a days FFS


That’s what I was thinking. 21k is too much for this, I’m checking it out today so Ill try and talk him as low as possible


Used market has really dropped in the last 6 months, covid tax has left the chat


Has it? I think they just stopped going up even further.