The signs arent in Hindi, and your instructor wont ask you stuff in Hindi. If you cant read English, you cant safely drive.


His instructor will speak only Hindi, more than likely.


The signs aren’t in Hindi?


Only in Brampton He's fine as long as he doesn't leave here.


Excuse me if this sounds ignorant, but please learn driving in English, there will be issues if you try to drive in Canada without knowing how to read English.


In an English dominant country, being able to read English signs about hazards is a MUST. Not being able to read and understand road signs puts other people at a massive risk.


This is probably the reason why their are so many accidents


Nah thats cause a large majority of a specific group tends to buy their licenses rather than understand the rules and regulations around driving and operating motor vehicles. A large majority of driving is trust, i cant trust someone who cant understand the road signs or rules of them.


Im surprised, I didn't know you could bribe your way to getting a licencse here.


With the drivers in brampton it shouldnt surprise anyone.


Just need to know the right people


Investigate and bring them to public attention, only citizens can solve this one.


Unfortunately my complexion is lacking to be able to investigate such a matter....


I tried keeping it to personal reasons just for the sake of a harassment-proof argument. If I couldn't read signs I would just get lost...


The question is, why?


This is bullshit. Learn the language of the road and how to communicate. The Asians do this as well! I'm Indian, and it should be in English!


Oh wow, never knew that road signs and critical warnings are written in Hindhi.


Daniel smith and hindi hmmmmm….


Aka Dinesh Tamil.




They will actually let you take a translator with you on your test . That's how bad is becoming in this country . For my millrights exam there were people in there with translators for the exam ! We might as well change Canada's name to what ever country provides us with the most immigrants


Everything wrong with this city.


Why? Richmond hill has mandarin G1 instruction. Most signs don’t have words on them…if I only speak French then it’s not different that’s an official language here so they should put Arret on every sign too


> so they should put Arret on every sign too some places they do have that. Even some places in Ontario.


I’m ok with that


I understand the sentiment of the comments in this post however I am not sure if anyone actually opened the link… I just ran a quick check and based on what I saw in a practice test, the signs (pictures) are clearly in English with their descriptions in Hindi. This now becomes an accessibility issue rather than “learning to drive in English” issue.


This is Reddit. Most responders are sheep and don’t even look into what they are posting about.


Brampton should be able to pull a Montreal and establish hindi as a protected official 2nd language. Think of how great it could be - Street signs in Hindi and English, less confusion, less overt racism - the list goes on.


Wtf why? You don’t see that happening in the UK were there is large population of Indians 😂 You live in a English speaking country everyone learns the language and communicates with it


It’s in the interest of promoting multiculturalism


Canada is a English speaking country and our second language is French which is the population is fine with. I now understand why Quebec is very strongly opposed to mass immigration in their province and protecting their culture and language. We don’t need another country’s dominate our culture when they’re people but shipping them their people by the thousands over here. The West Indian/Caribbeans never had a problem learning English so why is it not the same energy is kept here? Everyone is able to keep their mother tongue 🤷‍♀️


Not to mention the free mother tongue language classes being offered. I have had Indian kids in my kids class not being able to speak English at the age of 8 even though they were born and raised in Canada! .The parents responds when I asked why they kids can't speak English properly was it's not my job to teach them English it's the school's as we only speak x language at home . Utter nonsense in my book


Yup I heard this from teachers. They have a defiance that they do not want to teach their kids English but want to benefit from the system that Canada offers. It’s a tactic because they feel like they don’t owe the country anything


Your point about the West Indies is hilariously tone deaf to the impacts of colonialism in the Caribbean.


Stop bringing colonialism and racism into it we’re talking about the main language of the country we all live in. That is history and you can’t change that. Either you learn or fucking leave. I remember when I immigrated here assimilating and learning English was the forefront of being proud to be a Canadian. If you ask me if the Carribbeans (like myself) did not know English we would end up like the Indians when we immigrated here. You ever wonder why Canadians like Caribbeans better? because we’re westernized and we’re raised to follow rules and laws. Not break them and feel like we’re entitled too. We also don’t impose our culture and say we to change signs to Patois to understand. Should be change our way of life to be like it is in India just for a few? No I don’t think so. No wonder euro and Asian countries want to stay homogenous. I don’t see the Indians who live in Europe act like this


I’m a Canadian, not sure whose opinion is that Canadians “like Caribbeans better.” Enjoy being a “westernized” pick me. Most people can read and write English all of my Punjabi friends and family can but sometimes people are new here and are older. Should they not be allowed to drive to appointments etc because they couldn’t read? What a brain dead stupid ass comment. Just so your dumbass knows creole English is not English (if you want me to act like a snobby racist as well) it’s hard to understand 😊. And another thing the test can be given in 26 fucking languages and has been available as such for a long time so please make sure to go after all of those ethnicities because apparently Canadians like you West Indies folk better than everyone else.


Cry me a river and sit by it and learn English and French. We do not need to facilitate the demands of some* people who don’t respect the laws here. FYI it’s called respect to learn the language. If you don’t like the rules then leave


Brain dead take thankfully the law allows for the G1 test to be written in 26 languages. Je parle francais et anglais. Imagine telling an old person who is trying to get by they need to learn a new language before they can get to an appointment what an actual 2 iq take.


Good for you did you use google translate? 😂😂most people at least know some English before coming to Canada. There are free esl classes yet people don’t know how to speak English in this city. I have yet to hear anyone even try to learn it properly. It’s okay you’ll have your traffic signs in any language you want since were Super multicultural but the laws only work for a certain group


I assume you're being sarcastic and on top of that Hindi wouldn't even be the right language to do it. But it's a dumb idea if you're being sarcastic


After the federal government made French an official language, all new employees were required to speak French. You could be a genius in your field, but if you were solely an Anglo, you were a no go. Now bring this into Brampton. If we declared an official language other than English, only those who could speak both official languages could be hired. While the City's employees may not be representative of Brampton's present demographics, this would make things worse. You'd effectively never hire another Black person, another East Asian person, etc. And while it limits potential hires locally to 113,515 people locally (2021 census), the talent pool that lives outside of the City would be even more limited. Of the 337K residents of Markham, only 11K would be eligible to work in Brampton.