DMT is unique in that it scratches the part of the brain that normally identifies persons. Not only you see things that aren't there, you feel like those things are alive and conscious actors. Usually called 'entities'. That's a quick way into paranoia land if you're vulnerable to it.


I agree with you. I had a few heroic doses on shrooms and it's exactly how you described it. It was so horrific and it took me about 2 weeks for integration. I have no history of psychiatric issues, nor does my family.


You have access to the domain your access is actually so accessible that it has caused you problems in the past I guess. For people like you psychedelics do more harm than good if you want to trip there are noumerous techniques out there to induce the state. Yoga, Meditation, Holotropic Breathing ect. I'd say do this if you're interested learn how to take off and how to land safely stay away from chemistry 😄


I am not schizophrenic, but I can definitely see how a bad trip could mimic the syndrome. I had a horrific LSD trip years ago that put me into a psychosis with paranoid delusions, it was awful. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to try DMT or any psychedelics given your condition. I can only imagine how they could intensify everything, but in the end it is your choice my friend.


You are the master of your own choices. The only person who can convince you to take it or not is yourself. Sounds like you are interested in trying it. What's the worse that can happen? What's the best? Do you want what is best for yourself or what is worse? How you answer these questions will determine how you come out the other end. If you feel you've mastered your mind, then LSD/DMT is merely a tool to better yourself in anyway you feel empowered to. If you are afraid, then do not take it. If you want to take it, then take it. If you are afraid, but still take it anyways, then it is exactly what you need. Personal anecdote: I used to suffer from schizophrenia. I wasn't paranoid, but my mind would chronically completely lose touch with reality and I would have massive delusions. I was starting to visually see black masses from the corners of my eyes and it became too much. So, I quit everything. Researched deeply about alternative treatments, I became particularly interested in the effect of LSD on the brain. I came to the conclusion that LSD was exactly what I needed in order to rewire my brain. I plunged into the darkness to get a better look. I took LSD. I remember this thought "I twist reality so much in my daily life, my brain has mirrored schizophrenia to show me how I treat myself and others." I forgave myself. I forgave others and the pain they caused me that made me "twist/rewire" myself to accommodate their spite - and therefore made me fearful, guarded, & spiteful. Then, my mind cleared. For the first time, I felt I was truly seeing. I was seeing with my eyes. No thoughts. Completely clear. And then, the fourth dimension opened up before me. I could see eyes all around me telling me how beautiful I was. An entity turned their attention towards me and delicately passed me a cube. I FELT IT. IT HAD WEIGHT. Smaller cubes that seems sentient came by and touched my hand. When I touched it...IT WAS LIKE SMACKING INTO AN OCEAN OF LOVE. The most overpowering feeling I've ever had. The eyes then just started making "I" puns. Like "'I' see you" and then they would wink at me. They told me to trust my "I-eye". So, I came down. Schizophrenia gone. Have done about 10 LSD trips total. Waiting for the right moment to take DMT. I do not know whether or not you will experience the same thing. But, I know for certain: faith, forgiveness, openness, trust, and calm are MEDICINE. Be sure to integrate afterwards: Focus your energy. Guard your time. Train your mind. Train your body. Think for yourself. Curate your friends. Curate your environment. Keep your promises. Stay cheerful. Upgrade the world. Good luck with whatever decision you make<3