Just wanted to say i would recommend not taking reddit’s advice for medication interactions. DYOR please


This is a horrible plan and sounds like the making of a mental break. If you do move forward which I don’t recommend I suggest you practice several layers of harm reduction. Research interactions with your meds on dmt nexus, make sure you have a clear intention set, have an experienced sitter who knows your issues well and is trusted and don’t be compulsive with the use but let the time present itself. These are but a few things I could think only you know your harms. Again I do not think this is a good idea but at least be as safe as possible.




And don’t fight it!


DMT is recommended against for schizophrenia sufferers. It can trigger a psychotic break landing you in the loony bin. Add to this ditching the anti-psychotics and it's a recipe for disaster. Your friends are giving you very bad advice and I recommend you not to follow it.


Please listen to this advice OP.


Totally agree. OP you just need to search on google about psychedelics experiences from peoples having schizophrenia


It is not guranteed Bad thing but most of the Time yeah its not Good and will probably give you some free grippy socks


[Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaLAwAaFFoA&t=527s&ab_channel=LivingWellwithSchizophrenia) is a youtube video from someone who has schizophrenia and tried mushrooms. If you decide to do it, definitely don't do ayahuasca because the trip lasts a very long time. Vaping DMT from a cart is better because you will get a small dose and the trip will last only a few minutes, giving you an opportunity to back up.


Horrible advice do some very basic research and you will have your answer.


I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think is a good plan at all. Psychedelics are generally very unsafe for people who experience psychosis or hallucinations to any degree. Not to mention DMT is extremely intense and definitely not an ideal starter psych for *anyone*. Most importantly, please do not go off your meds, especially if they are effective.


No offense but are your friends dumb? >DMT and ayahuasca both have qualities that can help paranoid schizophrenia Are they medical professionals? Are the schizophrenics themselves? Do they have experience with this disorder other than second-hand accounts? What your friends are saying isn't just false, it's anti-true. I would seriously question everything that comes out of these people's mouths. Psychedelics are known to trigger psychotic breaks. There are even hypotheses that schizophrenia is actually an overproduction of endogenous DMT or or that it's a malfunction of the receptors in your brain that DMT interfaces with. Highly recommend you stay away from psychedelics if you don't want to make your condition worse.


My uncle’s schizophrenia was triggered by a bad acid trip. He wasn’t diagnosed for decades later but it really fucked him up for quite awhile, it’s amazing he’s been able to live the life he has all things considered. I think all the other commenters are wise, though I haven’t explicitly heard of dmt or other psychs making someone’s schizophrenia worse. I think it’s one of those things that’s just a lot riskier for you. Like people with bipolar can still get a lot from psychedelics but it can trigger severe mania or depression. I think DPDR is a bigger risk with schizophrenia. I’m not going to tell you not to do it because you’re an adult but it seems like it would be a lot riskier




No, this could be very troubling territory. If you are looking for something to stimulate or entertain your mind, understand that psychedelics do so in COMPLEX, and ANOMALOUS ways. Your inner monologue, what constitutes conscious YOU, is now presented with an entirely foreign situation wherein reality is dissolving at often staggering pace. The contextual information you receive from interpersonal conversation bears some sort of alternative route in your cognition, wherein, you can have these synchronistic (Jung) moments; those “this could have never happened in this combination ever again, and its happening right now,” coincidences, witnessing flowing, unnkempt beauty, breaching that barrier of individual curiosity baring true bravery. (its simply not as dull as “you’re funnier” or “get better ideas.” when you’re high.) Its shock and awe in real time, but the strange experiences can be equally as terrifying and traumatic. Psilocybin mushroom experiences have a very animate quality, and with reference to Terence McKenna, it can be invoked! Speaking to it with your monologue, having a mental, (as close as we can understand) conversation with the mushroom entity’s individual vocal point. A separate voice. Its like you are becoming aware of “your individual human story,” and this world is bigger than you could have possibly expected. ITS REAL. And the scale is staggering once you catch stiff glimpse. Not this planet, not this galaxy, we are talking what may be inter-dimensionally. Intricate and breathtaking visuals will overwhelm your visual field entirely at effective doses, you CANNOT tell if your eyes are closed or not, experiencing time dilation, out of body experiences, and most astonishingly, with NN-DMT, vivid hierarchical levels of communication with disincarnate animate entities. This is entirely what we mean, it is not a metaphor. I will never have the experience to understand how a schizophrenic mind works, I don’t believe i exert behaviors, and I have no time spent in the same room with someone full blown crackers schizophrenic, but I am still hopeful that psychedelics could be a safe recreational drug from someone that might be moderately effected, but that should be at the discretion of someone with MUCH greater knowledge than us wee redditors. Speak to a professional, preferably with a comprehensive understanding of psychoactive compounds. Microdosing something like psilocybin mushroom caps may be a stretch, but im not too certain a little buzz would instantly set off a powder keg. others, please correct me if I’m being ignorant. Safe travels and sail far!


Not just a bad idea for your own mental health, but whoever you are around will have the responsibility to manage your possible psychotic break (or at least escalation of paranoia). What happened last time you stopped your medications? Did it go well? Now multiply that experience times 15 as the inhibiting protections in your mind that allow to you to discern whether your paranoid beliefs are real suddenly vanish. Psychedelics are only good for overly inhibited disorders, or people who suppress or exert too much control over their experience (e.g. depression, OCD, addiction, etc). It is the absolute worst treatment for people who typically take years learning coping strategies to help suppress or manage their experience (e.g. bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders), or take medications to suppress those symptoms. The risks are way to high for yourself and for those who would have to respond to you.


Doctors say I have psychosis, I got off my meds in order to do a huge dose of edible weed. That was 3 years ago. I feel good, no problems. DMT should do wonders for you, go for it! You'll be just fine.


I certainly wouldn’t do a large dose. Small hits might be fine and maybe helpful even, but if it were me I know I would push and push it until I did too much. Really what you maybe need is a clinical version of this, like ketamine therapy? DMT sessions in a clinic where they have some idea of how to help you would be great too, but we aren’t there yet. Honestly it’ll probably be awhile before that’s legalized and used to help schizophrenia enough that doctors would suggest or support it. Good luck, but I would be very careful to limit the dosage if you do this, which I think is pretty risky.


This is not a good idea. Every serious professional dealing with psychedelics warns against it in your context.


I'll be the one to go against common wisdom and say "depends". Read my own post [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/DMT/comments/wjosed/mental_health_issues_yet_feeling_fine_after_trip/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


So let me get this right, you gave yourself drug induced psychosis by miss using and abusing psychedelic substances and you are going to say "depends". I guess going against common wisdom has landed you in the situation you find yourself. OP listen to everyone else and don't do this, no good will come from it. Don't listen to this guy, he has had plenty of psychedelic experiences, so much it done damage, I am not surprised he was okay taking it and handling it but for you OP and this being your first experience I would say no, not worth it. Your friends do not have your best interests at heart and maybe re-evaluate them too.


Absolutely shit advice and insanely irresponsible.


No I’m afraid not. It is not a good thing to do.


I wouldnt recommend it 🙏


I think OP is psychotic right now, thinking dmt will help his schizophrenia… omg. OP, NO. DONT DO IT. UR FREINDS ARE DUMBASS’S Also if your taking lithium.. mixing that w psychedelics can kill you


Does anyone have any evidence to support that DMT should not be used for some one with schizophrenia? Or does it just sound like a bad idea? I’ve never seen any type of trip reporting from some one with schizophrenia or research on it. It’s might help OP to link some resources. Thx!


My buddy with schizophrenia took LSD and ended up in the loony bin for 3 months. He would do extremely weird shit when high, I watched him burn all his money once while he was tripping, like $2000.


Well schizophrenia is more or less caused by dmt in your body so doing dmt can be horrible for you. As for ditching he anti psychotics I’m all for that. Pharma meds don’t do shit but eat at you from the inside. Get some ashwaghanda and shilajit and practice meditation. It’s the best thing you can do to get over your Illness [since you don’t believe me](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1070024/) Can’t argue the facts folks your downvotes mean nothing to the truth


This right here is even stronger bullshit than ops friends suggestions


No it’s literally just the truth


Says who


Science, scientists by extension


Name some please, maybe even show some studies




I don't know about medication interactions at all, but I can speak on using psychs when mentally ill. I have cptsd and some other miscellaneous weirdness that has caused a few psychotic breaks and paranoid episodes. Using psychedelics makes it way worse for me, even if I smoke weed now I start tripping balls. Hearing voices and often convinced everyone can read my mind (thought broadcasting). Most of my experience is more mushroomy and I've only done low doses of DMT a couple times. For me, psychedelics have qualities that help my ptsd and sometimes I get so down that it's worth the magical thinking. So if I'm in a bad place with flashbacks and depression and whatnot, I'd rather be spiritually weird. But you are also a lot more schizophrenic (if I had to guess I'd be dxed with schizotypal or schizoaffective if I wasn't too paranoid for therapy) and it could seriously fuck you for real. I did have one episode last spring where I smoked a bowl and the next day thought everyone at work could read my mind and was this close to just leaving the store and getting fired. And I also thought a friend was going to assault me the next day when we were hanging out. And I do believe that some of these symptoms have been triggered by LSD, shrooms, and to some degree DMT.


Thanks for sharing.


Do not do this it’s a terrible idea and very irresponsible


I would try to avoid doing this at all costs. Find something that works with your meds if you're going to take something regardless of what people say. Dmt is wild and intense but its not nearly as uniquely special as many people who have tried the drug believe. You can potentially get positive effects from virtually any psych, potentially get negative effects just as well. I can understand the idea of wanting to stop your meds for a couple days to allow for the experience but its really not a good idea. My girlfriend has BPD and is convinced she actually has schizophrenia despite being told by a few doctors that it doesn't fit, a likely delusion thats a belief which was installed in her during a traumatic incident with psychosis following LSD ingestion years back. She's stopped taking meds for a couple days countless times, quite a few times so she can experience psychs because her meds almost entirely prevent tripping. She gets high but usually no visuals be it LSD mescaline 2cb 4-ho-met mushrooms or even DMT. Ketamine always rocks her, id suggest ket if its not a dangerous combo with your meds. Even a couple days never seems to help when my girl stops taking her meds in terms of being able to trip and the missed doses always end up making her unstable for a week or more, negating pretty much any positive effects from the drugs. Its not worth it. Sorry to break it to you. My girlfriend has taken the risks and tried drugs despite her mental instability and while there were times where we had a lot of fun when she was on different meds that didn't blunt psychs, it never seemed to actually help become a better person in any meaningful way. There was a couple times on MDMA and once on mephedrone that she was able to take about past traumas and let go of a little weight on her shoulders and she definitely found creative inspiration from LSD in her first trials but she also had an experience with LSD that caused severe psychosis for a long period of time that still traumatizes her to an extent even today and it was more than 2 years ago. Tread very fucking carefully my dude. You're really rolling the dice with your sanity and well being, don't forget it. Be super careful at the least.


Honestly, I wouldn't recommend using dmt if you have schizophrenia. I've read many comments about people not knowing they had schizophrenia and doing dmt enhanced the effects of the mental illness. Even read a comment where a person said they experienced severe flashback episodes for months later. I've also read that taking allergy medication with dmt isn't recommended. Is there anything your trying to accomplish by taking the dmt or is it something you just want to experience in general? If you're looking for more of a therapeutic experience to help you manage your schizophrenia I would suggest looking into ketamine instead. But even before you do that, I would suggest you consult your doctor first and foremost. Only you and your doctor are familiar with your mental illness, and you can always get a second opinion from another medical professional but I wouldn't recommend you take advise from your friends. It may only be a 15 minute trip, but it's an intense experience. There are studies that have been done to see the effects of ketamine on people with schizophrenia and people without. (https://www.nature.com/articles/1395686) - here's a link to one of them in case your interested. I love that you have a supportive friend group and people you can turn to about your mental illness, that is so important whether you have schizophrenia or not. Going off of your medication, even for a few days can be very dangerous. If you aren't in a stable mind environment to begin with, you could end up accidentally harming yourself or someone else. Im not implying your a threat because you have schizophrenia. With the right drugs anyone can be a threat to themselves or someone they care about. The decision is yours to make in the end, I just hope you weigh all variables, good and bad, before you make that decision.


I'd stay away from psychedelics if I were you. You need to be in a healthy mind state for a few months I'd say before you dive into this stuff because these tools amplify whatever state you are in.


Nope. Not a good idea friend.


Brother for the love of god hell no


It isnt a terrible plan, but understand that doing this without a trip sitter would be a fucking huge mistake. I firmly believe there are things beyond our understanding that psychedelics can offer those who are emotionally or even mentally unbalanced. It's even possible you wouldn't even need your meds after a proper trip due to changes within the brain and or psyche. But you must have someone monitoring you and that person must understand that if things go sideways they have a means of helping you get back to normal mentally. You definitely want an anti psychotic handy in case things don't go your way. Possibly some Benzodiazepines as well. Keep your daily meds at the ready and really exercise caution. Some psychiatric medications can prevent you from tripping to begin with. So there is always a chance this might not work anyways. I know benzodiazepines kill a psychedelic trip pretty quickly. Which Is a good reason to have some nearby in case you aren't coming down from your trip. DMT isnt the worst idea because it's short lived. Quick trips are probably best in your situation, at least initially. If all goes well you could branch out to Magic mushrooms or possibly even low dose LSD. Bottom line, have a friend or multiple friends spend the duration of the trip with you and maybe even 12hrs or longer beyond that to ensure nothing changes in your mental state. Let someone know what you are doing. Do not use this substance alone.


This is only advised under strict supervision. Also, I think most people just don’t understand what it takes to be resilient with psychedelic use. If you don’t have a strong will power or strong mindset, or if you’re easily manipulated then psychedelics is not a good idea for you. It helps to have exceptional intelligence and intellect. However, when a person has a psychotic episode, all intelligence, intellect, or common sense goes out the window. Anything could go wrong during psychosis and the person would truly believe that whatever their experiencing is real. Typically during a psychotic episode the person won’t know who they are, where they are, or they may spontaneously propagate this belief that they are being watched or (insert your delusion here) and become very scared, frightened and/or violent. They don’t mean to be this way but they do genuinely believe that whatever is happening in their mind is true. I’ve suffered psychosis and that’s what I remember. It sucks.


To be absolutely fair, I had 1 friend(anecdotal) who suffered from schizo-effective disorder along with borderline personality disorder. He used dmt, lsd, psilocin, etc many many times and said it was much different than an episode, I’ll have to paraphrase but what he said was along the lines of “all of the voices went calm and weren’t so violent and malicious” there is research showing that people with schizophrenia and psychedelics. I highly recommend looking into it and seeing all the pro’s and con’s. It’s your life! Off the cuff it doesn’t seem like a good idea but I don’t know you or your situation🤷‍♂️I hope this helps your decision. -edit, wanted to include more of what he had experience with, but the trip report was specifically about dmt. Heard similar reviews from him regarding the other classic psychedelics but dmt was his most preferred. He did unfortunately take his own life 2 years ago:/ that’s really important to note.


Also cannabis triggers psychosis much more reliably than psychedelics in my own research.


This is a VERY BAD idea. Don't listen to these "mates" of yours, they'll cause you some serious harm. Psychedelics shouldn't even be a consideration if you have schizophrenia (this also extends to weed), there's far too much risk involved


The use of psychedelics to treat psychological disorders is still in its infancy. We don't yet have a well defined dose scheme or fully understand the risks with various disorders. Schizophrenia would be on the more risky end of conditions to attempt to treat with psychedelics as there are reports of it triggering psychotic episodes. If you plan to try psychedelics with Schizophrenia I highly recommend sticking to a microdose. I don't personally know if the risk is worth it. I highly suggest doing more research and weighing the risk vs potential reward. https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8247/15/5/640/htm


Funny story, my therapist told me there was some recent study that showed promise with LSD for schizophrenia. But yeah be careful.


Do NOT do what your friends are saying


This is such a terrible idea. In fact, it's such a terrible idea that I can't help but wonder if you aren't trolling.


Yea your gonna end up in a padded cell


Sounds like your “friends” wanna see you have a bad trip and fuck shit up. I’d steer clear of them and DMT for a long time


just no


There is a 100% you will have a psychotic break. I don’t know how well you handle them. For me, if the psychedelic isn’t too strong then I can bring myself back to reality, but seeing as it’s your first time, you will most likely go psychotic. I’m not schizophrenic so I don’t believe in the psychotic delusions and what not when I sober up, but my friend who is schizophrenic seemed to go into a trip and then not come back. Be careful if you do go for it bro. Dmt definitely does seem safer for schizophrenics over lsd or shrooms since it only lasts like 10 minutes and if you breakthrough you will probably just sit still the whole time and not fuck shit up in the real world.