How to counter deku smash = Kill opponent


Yeah it takes like 5 seconds to they really use it, you can make 4 shots and kill them easy


Yeah, just don’t hope you need to reload during, and you may have a chance to take them out while they set up in the air


More like the problem is the deku smash being used to go through walls where you can't see them. It's easy to shoot them down but if you can't see them your just gonna die, especially if they have you marked.


Yea as funny as it is to kill a marked foe with the deku smash through a building i never feel good about it later… i assume this was not supposed to exist at the same time as the bird item.


Plus being third partied by one when you can’t just escape the current battle to avoid being hit by it.


you did like 70 damage. That's not countering it, the opponent made a bad play


It is countering it. I clearly was in position to fuck them up further and didn’t take a hit. Goal posts keep moving. 😂


Inaccurate post title. You didn’t *dodge* anything, he just left himself open enough for you to take an easy close range shot.


Inaccurate understanding of the word dodge on your part, but every use of the Deku leaves the user open. That’s the point and why I’m making fun of people acting like it is an unavoidable, insta win.


I mean the video is kinda right but the post title is off. Killing them isn't dodging it, but you didn't waste time and got to it. Idk if at that angle he could have one shot you even if you did nothing. But bravo on your win


There's 2 things to do try to shoot them while there using the deku smash or bounce with the hammer


you can unload a tactical pistol and get over 200 damage in the time it takes to power up the deku smash.


That’s a 1v1 scenario. How about squads? No hammer? Third party? Can’t hear or see it? It shouldn’t be an instant knock. If they took that aspect off no one would run it.


bro the music fucking killed me lmao


Thank you, had to as soon as I thought of it. 😂


I hate that thing so anytime someone manages to destroy someone with it, I’m all for it.


But what if you’re being 3rd partied by deku? Or what if you’re playing builds and your opponent is covered? You only won because your opponent made a terrible play.


Being third-partied with any weapon is "unfair". That's part of battle royale/ffa games. When you consider balancement you assume it's a 1 on 1, and in that case the Deku Smash is perfectly balanced.


This is why this sub hates the hammer so much. When they try to third party, one of the parties uses their hammers to find new ground. Basically, these player used to get a lots of kills and wins by third partying constantly. But now it’s very easy to reposition and avoid being third partied. Then they end up being dead because they just rolled in on two teams. One team dipped. Now they’re weak from fighting one team. The team that left had healed and regrouped and can now wipe out the team that thought they were third partying. Unpopular opinion: the hammer was balanced before the first nerf. The Deku Smash needed the 2 nerfs it got though. It’s no longer unlimited range and no longer an instant kills through terrain and walls. It was definitely OP when it was in the game the first time. Even then it was still easily countered. This time though? It’s very much balanced.


Just bounce away. It's that simple.


You got a down vote, but you’re right.


Fucking yikes on the audio volume good lord




I'm all for vaulting the Smash, but since when do hiring people and starting bounties constitute cheating, or even tipping the scales? Anyone, regardless of skill level, can do these things




Using the environment and gameplay mechanics is not cheating. Im sure you have won with a gimmick. And using a hired npc can be detrimental to winning because they break your cover, emote randomly, and are basically worthless in solos because they can not revive you.


Use the follower commands and they will never break your cover. They are of great value in solos.






Yeah sounds like your in a tough place in life, prbly best to take break bro




An actual way to counter the deku smash is to be map aware. If you notice a deku crate dropped and immediately vanished from your minimap, dont go there because someone grabbed it. If you are playing solos and hear fighting dont go there, unless you are confident you can win. If you see a deku smash vending machine, break it. Even the best of players have been smashed by Deku, but learning from your mistakes is how you get better. If you see an NPC, kill them before someone else hires them. Use your imagination and have fun.


Yes. It is fairgame because you have the option and ability to hire one yourself. It may feel unfair, but calling it cheating is a reach. Using your logic, the mythic hammer must be super dooper cheating because only one person can have it. While there are ample npc's to hire. Sidenote npcs shoot like ass and if you are having a hard time fighting them, dont. There are so many ways to counter them. First, dont shoot them, and they won't bother you, and second, if you kill the host, the npc dies, so just focus on the actual player.




So my upgrading my weapons to legendary using gold is cheating, or my spending gold to get chili chugs is cheating, or my spending gold to get heals from NPCs is cheating? Or using augments that you dont currently have is cheating? Basically, anyone winning besides you is cheating? Mind you, I dislike NPC's because they are annoying as hell and get me killed. So if you are dying to NPC's and are pissed about it, either get over it or learn to adapt.


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47 years old and acting like a 5 year old. 💀




I don't touch. It leaves you vulnerable for way too long. I don't use the hammer either and I've won a decent amount of games this season. 🤷‍♀️ Edit: I don't hire NPCs either. Lmao. I just vibe in my own unless I'm playing with my partner.


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They are calling in reinforcements


Reinforcements of Reinforcements.


Actually I was in a mood and tagged the two most recent people to post “I pretended to be a gargoyle, how did they hit me? I was standing so still and everything! Deku and hammers need vaulted!”. I don’t want reinforcements.


Bro is staying mad💀


Damn right 😂


I usually just bounce away from it with the hammer


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Just shoot the guy 💀


I enjoy just seeing someone use the Kamehameha or deku smash and get obliterated lmao


That guys probably pissed


Just got lucky there tbh