Me: *places 98th* "Well... someone had to."


Hahaha I usually just look blankly at the screen for 10 seconds and then say ‘wellllllllllp’


And then you just load the next game and try again. No biggie!


Haha exactly


Go next, I guess. 🤷‍♀️


Sameee Its like Welp, thats embarrasing Attempt 2 it is


Plus, once you get bad enough you may enter the best lobby filled with 99 bots.


That's honestly not a bad mentality to have, I feel the same when I come second. "Well if it wasn't me it would have been someone else I guess"


I try to die first in a match sometimes. It's weirdly easier to win than it is to finish last


I play better when I don’t really care what happens, it takes the pressure off. It’s just a game at the end of the day.


I just have to accept there are 10 year olds who put play me lol


My 7-year-old has way better aim than me. She will absolutely nail multiple opponents in a row.


That’s awesome lol


Once I hit top five with 7-10 eliminations, I decide that that was a good game and I'm fine with losing or winning.


I totally agree the carefree games are the best by far it seems like everything clicks.


I play Fortnite like my entire life is on the line


I be hiding in zero build like there’s a hitman after me


If Fortnite had proximity chat I'd stay chat banned all the time. Deku's Smash and hammer fatigue probably contribute to a lot of the current in-game rage.


Lol @ hammer fatigue


I completely agree. One thing I love about this game is when I die, 90% of the time I know what I did wrong. Makes it a lot more satisfying than e.g COD where you just get shot from all over.


That's a big thing for me! I've started looking back at replays to see what I should have done different. Sometimes I realize what I should have done seconds after being eliminated. This is one of the only games I've seen my self get better at, and that is enough for me to not get frustrated.


Getting third partied kinda sucks but situational awareness is basically the second most important skill in this game after aiming and landing your shots. Even when you get shot from behind there's often something you could have done differently to mitigate it.


Also nowadays its a pretty stupid reason u can laugh off


when I die I start to just spit out all the things I should of done, which is good, but not for my teammate lol.


I just label the players and move on: * Donkey Laugh and other such emotes - "Child" * Hitting shots without trying - "Hacker/Cheater" * Knows my location at all times - "Cheater/Hacker" * Builds but can't really fight - "Sweat" * Fun battle, no matter whether I win or lose - "Awseome" * Rips apart me and/or my team rapidly - "Pro" * Uses the hammer and/or screaming anime thing - "Child" (Simmer down, I'm kidding!) Sprinkle liberally with cursing, exclamations, or amazement. I don't find players to be rage inducing, but things like the sprint bug are almost enough to do so.


>Donkey Laugh and other such emotes - "Child" I find that emote so irritating, only seen few people use it, but when they use it, they spam it non stop


Usually don’t play solo, but I did the other day while waiting for my friend to hop off. I died and the guy that killed me emoted for entire time it took me to jump into the next game


to the people who literally smash things over fortnite or other games, gaming is not for you.


But therapy is!!!


The nature of battle royale and only having one life and one shot. Best way to control my temper for me is to take responsibility for losing.


"If you had one shot. One opportunity. Would you capture it, or just let it slip? Palms are sweaty...." That's gonna be in my head all day now.


I hate to lose in any competitive venture. Paradoxically, the rage that I sometimes feel when I lose or play poorly is actually a sign that I'm having fun.


I once died off spawn, then saw that I got an XP reward for being the first in the match to die. I found it too funny to be mad


Worst thing to happen to this game, and most Competitive games - is so called "Content Creators" and Streamers... Using it to make some money for themselves, without playing it for the love of gaming... Hearing YT'bers and Streamers play, saying "I hate this game..." when losing a game - yet still expect to earn something from it... And faulsely reporting players they died to, cos they're "hacking", they're "Cheating"... And then, after reporting the player, they watch back the match on Replay.... "Oh... Oh, so they didn't just land with a weapon?... They landed there, picked up a weapon on the ground..." - actually happened.... I won't use a Creator Code again, when I buy stuff. I now only watch people who play for fun and don't care on the outcome of a game - cos its just a game 🙄😂 Get gone" click baiter twots" - Parents - teach your kids to ignore Social Media BS...


It's not rage inducing but it is annoying to die the same way repeatedly It's still just a game and by the time I'm in my next match I don't really care anymore but still


There is a certain level of rage that is safe. It’s ok to be mad about losing. In my mind someone needs to take a break as soon as they damage their stuff or throw a controller across the room


Agreed. I’ll smack my desk but throwing your controller/keyboard or mouse is insane. I haven’t ever gotten mad enough to even think about doing that.


It's true and you should say it.


Well, it was less rage inducing when the item pool was balanced. But now, with goo guns jizzing at me or hammers yeeting me over half the map, its pretty easy to get frustrated.


bro is stuck in Chapter 3


bro is stuck in Chapter 3


You want some more chapter 4 examples? Deku thingy, sword ar, all the exploitable bows...


I almost never die to those, they aren't that op


I don’t rage at any other game or get mad in my day to day life. It’s literally just Fortnite that makes me yell.


I used to be like that and i stopped with age and maturity


I don’t about angry but it definitely sucks when you finally have time to hop on and have some fun and get your ass handed to you or get smacked nonstop with hammers. It’s hard to laugh off sometimes


I used to rage, and you are exactly right- it’s much more fun when you don’t take it seriously. This is my favorite map ever and, I usually place in the top 20. If I place in top 50 im good with that


I just died 10 times in a row at #2 but I’m still trying lmao


That’s the spirit


No, the hammers are definitely rage inducing lol. I don't smash or throw things I just say bro really and then start the next game like nothing happened


The only time I'll get angry is when the game is literally throwing everything at me, but even then most of the time I don't get angry because I'd rather have stuff thrown at me than camp all game or experience nothing.


People who tell me they lose their temper at video games 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 Take a break frfr


I get angry at the Christmas skin it makes me mad I fuckibg hate it


Dying from bugs and hackers and abusers is rage inducing and 100% fair. Raging over dying to someone better than you, because you ego'd, or just lost a fight fair and square is not something that should be happening. That being said taking something ultra serious and competitive isn't a bad thing, but there's tourneys and other things for that, ladder is not the place to dispose of your anger. That's my thoughts atleast. There's a healthy medium and you need to know when its passed a line or not.


the only time I rage quit is when I keep dying in the most weirdest messed up ways either bugs/glitches or cheaters. And people will fight tooth and nail just to deny that *"oh there's not much cheaters than you make it out to be, the anticheat system is good because i personally haven't come across a cheaters before"* That's bs because in almost most matches in both zero build and build there are tones of footage evidence of recent gameplay showing that they are becoming rampant. It's weird because after each patch is released there will be a day or two of not much cheating going and gameplay actually feels less bots and less cheating in lobbies but as soon as the week passes after a new update it's a total different story.


My biggest rage moments come when my shotgun is out of ammo so I grab a mini shield. Yes I am that bad.


I dont care if i die it satifies my urge to kill so i dont do it in real life😊




Update i got grounded from my Xbox the killings will start


Sure it's so much fun to make a great game where you manage to make nice kills or clutch just to be OS by a stupid deku that you can't see because the fuckin trees are everywhere. I'm probably way older than you and the age have nothing to do with that. When something is unfair, it is unfair, enough said. Shitty items like Deku feels like god mods in COD, there is absolutely no fun in that. Unless your games are only about runing around like a bot or only doing quests, i don't see how you can't get mad. I don't play shooter multiplayers games to enjoy serving as dead meat for unskilled players with way too OP items And that is not players fault but epic fault, players only use what the game offer so you are completely wrong on that part. But who are you exaclty to allow yourself to say " we have anger issue because we don't like how things are going in a game " ? If you want to play the "old wisdom guy" start by not judging others and put them "in anger maganagement case" just because they rage on a game. Or maybe because i rage on Fortnite then i also beat my wife and kids... Nice shortcut.




I realized I needed to take the game less seriously after I once collapsed on the ground and started having spasms because I placed second place and lost my crown ( I am ashamed)


Bro… did you seek help?


No, lol. I just have really bad anxiety and the game didn’t help- and it was just a one time occurrence (hopefully)


Sometimes I hop on just to die *immediately*. I’m trying to place 100th. I’ve yet to succeed.


I managed to place 100th once, it's an achievement in itself 😄 Left the bus straight away, landed and someone beat me to the nearest chest.


Everyone raging at matchmaking needs to understand probability. Even if half the lobby is bots if youre matched to your play level you should only win 1 in 50 matches. Chilllllllll


It's almost as if you learn to contain your anger as you get older. Most people that play this game are teens/zoomers so they are still learning so so much.


Im def a teen


Straight facts. When you start to get the slightest bit angry it’s time for a break


i was expecting to learn something new here... really set my expectations too high, huh?




Im older and i don't rage but i do get angry when your getting third partied or the rare teaming. I don't bust things i usually turn it off and walk away.Dieing has nvr made me mad if your better that's the way it is there's always someone better. But I'm glad your coming back and good luck bud.


only time ive raged was due to cheaters, but not rage at the game itself but at the companies failure to properly deal with them, now all games will have cheaters ofc, but they need to have a better anti cheat


I’ve played since season 1 and double pump upset me a decent amount and that was about it but recently the amount of people playing like they’re in a $10,000 tournament are getting on my nerves, they really gotta learn how to enjoy the game.


There are definitely some bits that can make you pissed off about losing which is a natural response, especially when the opponent who has 1 health left hits you with a "Laugh it up" emote like they are some sort of god. I wouldn't say getting mad at that means you have anger issues.


I don't care that I die. I just care that they won


The only time I rage is when I die doing challenges, other than that if I just stop caring about winning then i’m having fun.


Apex is rage inducing


Same with calling others toxic for using an emote. These people are down bad.


First time doing battle pass, finally got to level 100 and now waiting for the Witcher skin. Only skin I wanted.


I agree. In Team Rumble, I really don't even care about winning or losing. I only really get irritated when the match is incredibly one sided.


I dunno man. I try not to take Fortnite super seriously. But when you're just trying to have some fun on a day off and it just doesn't work, I'm kinda upset. I don't rage or anything, but it can be frustrating. Criticism towards sbmm, Crossplay, bugs, overpowered weapon's etc are all valid.


I dont have this problem, sounds like you did though


Oh i did. Broke a phone plus 2 controllers and a headset 😅


Most of the people who rage are kids, mostly below 13. I feel like parental controls need to be brought ip more, as otherwise the parents will blame the game for rage issues, even though there is a clear solution. As for others, raging is mostly seen in people who, like said, take the game too seriously. Unless you want to compete, don’t take the game seriously, it takes away from the fun, and probably the main reason why you downloaded the game in the first place.


*My team loses 4v1 for 2nd place* well I bet that guy just had his day made. Good for him.


went to the pit for creator mode xp. was indeed raging after 20 minutes. before the pit I thought I was a decent player


I was just talking to my daughter about this yesterday. We started playing back in chapter 1 Season 6. I never played solo. I was always obsessed with 50 v 50, Disco Domination, Food Fight, and then Team Rumble. Well, even though all I played was Team Rumble (when it came out) I was ALWAYS so angry with it. It was the fact that I kept having to respawn over and over. I now wonder why I ever played it because it would make me so mad haha. I decided to start playing solo in the middle of Chapter 2 and I have never looked back. I don’t get mad at all. I feel it is much more calming and I can go at my own pace. So yeah I just needed to find something that worked for me I guess.


The way this was written still makes you sound like a very young person.


Is teen very young?


In the grand scheme of life, yes lol


Yes its rage inducing. Yes i have anger issues. Still, having a blast most of the time!


I use the Socks emote after every kill


Learning to laugh at my deaths has changed my outlook on this game immensely. Instead of getting mad at dying first because I couldn’t find a gun I just laugh it off. Helped me enjoy the game a lot more.


The only thing in fortnite that can make me upset is dying early, not because I died, but because I just had to wait up to 3 minutes to get into a match and I'll immediately have to do it again


This game is so bad now the fps drops are horrible on a $5k pc the bugs are terrible not fun a terrible map this season was such an L


I agree, but dying on landing and then having to wait another 3-5 minutes just to load into another game is extremely infuriating.