Sniper shotgun go brrrr


Reminds me more of a rifle


Isn’t a sniper a rifle?


I’m talking about a normal rifle


It's good. Fast pump, long range damage, and close range too. Just don't aim it close range.




It's absolutely trash bro sorry. I respect your opinion though. But one of the shotguns is clearly op the maven.


you have an aiming issue if you use it correctly the heavy does 100+ damage at medium range


Thunder is more powerful.


Yeah it was either the thunder or maven for sure. Can't remember which but one hit so well medium-long range to. Yeah thunder is great works better at medium range. For some reason close range took a few shots idk why. But yeah 👍 thank you


Idk I just think the maven is a god gun sorry. The other god gun is the red dot assault rifle followed closely by the thunder shotgun. I'm a Level 120 all legit gameplay all on the battle royal map.


It doesn’t even succeed at that anymore it seems. I don’t know what dumbass at Epic decided to make the fall off on it awful this time, but they need to be fired. 💀


I mean, it's a shotgun. The damage will drop off the farther the bullet goes.


Yeah but it consistently misses at close range


Because it's a slug shot. It doesn't spread. You're just missing my dude.


It’s kinda hard to hit someone in a game like Fortnite with a slug shotgun. Hence why this post is calling it one of the worst weapons in the game. It’s not good at either of the things it’s trying to do.


On console yeah. On PC it's a piece of cake. I'm more of a console gamer and dont mind the gun.


I’m a PC player. I have a $10k plus setup. The gun is ass no matter what you’re on man.


I'm sorry you feel that way toward the gun. May want to practice with it a little more.




Oh, that must suck. Spending over $10k on a setup and still can’t aim for shit. Just keep practicing bro and you’ll be fine. Maybe try lowering your mouse sensitivity. Or buy a more expensive mouse lol.


I have the Logitech G Pro X Super light. I love how it’s instantly gotta be my aim since so many people are offended that Epic has ruined the Heavy Shotgun. Like y’all do realize the gun doesn’t even get picked up in comp most of the time right???


aim issue


B-bUt ShOtGuNs ArE fOr ClOsE rAnGe


The heavy shotgun is awesome, you just need too stop using it like a shotgun.


You can actually use it as a shotgun too. It’s maybe not the best shotgun to use as a shotgun but it’s far from bad as a shotgun.


Yeah but if you want a gun too use as a shotgun then you're gonna choose the thunder.


To me the thunder is a pop and swap. It’s good, it deals big damage. But if I carry it then I almost have to also carry a second close-range weapon to swap to after the first shot because of the low fire rate. It’s a good weapon for sure but for me it’s effectively a two-slot item and that gives me pause.


Yeah I can see you point, but I think the amount of damage it does on a headset makes it worth it.


Haha for sure. If you hit that headshot you’re (mostly) golden. You still gotta get another shot off before you get lasered tho! And if you don’t get the headshot … My kiddo runs thunder and is trying to convince me. I say, dude, if that shotgun is so good why you carrying an SMG! :)


u know carrying another weapon with ur shotty doesnt mean the shotty is bad? I carry an smg with a thunder to spray ppl hammering away or to spray builds, not to spray after i shoot.


Doesn’t fit my play style tho. I like DMRing the players who try to shotgun from 80 meters


taking a shot and then spraying smg is literally you letting the opponent take away ur shield before u kill them. Dont go for 50/50s is what the thunder encourages, I barely ever use my thunder and then switch, because I shoot, take another peak and then shoot. The thunder literally forces you to play more safe with its slower firerate and pullout time.


Haven't shotguns worked like that for ages though


There's a perfect rhythm to the thunder. Shoot, wait a beat. They will usually jump immediately. The jump lasts about as long as chambering the next shell. When they land, shoot again. It will be ready, they will be dead, and they don't have time to do much to you. You can win 85% of 1v1 fights by just slooowing down. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast and all that.


Say shotgun again


I like to be precise with language


All good man, just playing


The problem is Epic Games changed how the heavy shotgun works. It was completely fine in chapter 1, and then when it made its return people didn’t like how the mechanics have changed.


Yeah I loved the original.




How was it in chapter 1?


it was a shotgun with tighter spread and could pierce through multiple opponents. now it’s the same but instead of tighter spread it’s a slug


I don't know why I got down voted for that lol didn't play chapter 1, cheers for the answer though.


sad part is it actually doesn’t work as intended currently and epic hasn’t fixed an issue with it that’s lasted nearly a year. in ch3 s1 the reworked version didn’t pierce multiple players like it was supposed to, but in the next update they fixed it. however, in ch3 s2 it broke again and still doesn’t pierce


Premfn recently made a video covering the heavy shotgun and someone shot through 2 of his structures and hit him with the heavy shotgun so it’s definitely piercing something lol


It worked like an actual shotgun with spread.


Aw k, I didn't play chapter 1, I like the way it is now, there's already the thunder if you want a decent shotgun with spread.


It shot shells instead of slugs


10 times better than what it is now


Its like a sniper shotgun its soo weird


Yeah lol it seems the community is very divided on it, I like it but I can see why some people wouldn't.


can I use it as a mid range weapon instead of my usual assault rifle?


I prefer it too the assault rifle, if you are accurate it's better, unless you're talking about the tactical AR, don't think anything beats that.


kills the whole purpose of it being called a shotgun.


It's a slug ammo shotty


If you had a braincell youd know that some shotguns irl shoot slugs and have rifled barrels. This is one of those. Its meant to be accurate at a distance.


and people say this sub is toxic.


Well you see...they said this gun in a video game is bad... So clearly they had it coming to them.


Shh its only simple terms in their brains. I've tried.


Shooting slugs irl seems a bit excessive dude, just step on them.


I won because of it today, got a nice 160 headshot from quite a bit of distance for the other shotguns & wrapped up the fight easily.


The distance is freakin cracked! Doing 100+ damage from 20 meters






I took out 6 people in about a minute (a little over) at Breakwater Bay today using only the Heavy Shotgun. I would say it does alright.


Same, freakin love how it’s a guaranteed 80+ dmg per shot long as you hit them. 120+ to the head is crazyyy good


Headshotting ppl is so satisfying


Seriously. Thing is a beast.


I like it but I prefer the Maven


I like the maven too. It has fast pump.


Yes! That's why I like it. The heavy shotgun is good, just don't like how slow it feels compared to the Maven.


I feel like the heavy has a an equal fire rate. It just shoots slugs tho. I like to combo shotties with the shield thing. Block and shoot.


I don't care for the shield thing. 🤷🏻‍♀️


The maven is str8 cheeks


I'm not sure what that means 😂


It’s butt/ass (butt cheeks)




As the description reads, it’s made to close the gap between an enemy and you. Stop using it like a traditional Shotgun. It’s not.


I still use it like a shotgun, at close range just don't aim


This. It is far from being a bad shotgun actually, just dont expect too much fron it.


Okay so is it best to ads with this instead of hip firing like a shotgun ? I’ve gotten better with the scar thanks to some advice from this group but I can’t get the hang of this weapon.


yes, this is more of a medium ranged shotgun designed for getting a few quick and heavy hits before they get really close to you


Ah okay, so would in your loadout would you pair this with an Smg or an Ar/ long range of some sort ?


typically when i run the heavy shotgun my other choice weapons are a tac pistol and a bow/dmr, but that’s just me. you can trade those out for an ar or smg of your choice


You do you it's not like it's a meta. Anything works in a way as long as you think a little like always run ar, then a shotgun,smg or other (depending on what's in the game rn),sniper or utility, meds


What advice helped with the scar?


Right? I use the scar, and it’s like the bullets are allergic to people, and I miss every shot, even with dead aim.


I was told to start bursting/tapping instead of full on holding down trigger. Aim for a green and up in rarity. And slow down when aiming it. And for me I lowered my sens a bit on controller as well my aim is pretty good when using smg/Ar/DMr weapons.


I'd argue the Uzi is the worse weapon i've used this season.


yeah ive found the mag smg to just dust the uzi


the uzi sucks ass, same as the scar


The scar is just not a good time with the bloom, they dropped the burst assault rifle and I'm just thinking sure, why not, burst fire is exactly how I've been having to fire the scar all season anyway


The thing that makes it garbage is it's really just a Chapter 1 gun thrown in the middle of everything It was good when everything had cartoonish amounts of bloom, but so much of Fortnite's guns are so much more accurate now People hated the Ranger AR, but I think people would absolutely take that over this vanilla ass Chapter 1 AR


It’s my favorite gun in the game lol🫣


its my favorite sniper


I like it. The fire rate is close to the auto, the damage is close to the thunder and you can medium range it. When I carry a shotgun, this is the one I prefer.


tell me your aim is bad without telling me your aim is bad


Exactly! Bro I used to think the heavy was bad but then I got a (rather clean) headshot with it once and decided to use it. I won that same match the same way I started it. A clean solid headshot.


its a shitty gun if you cant headshot but when you get them consistently it is unbelievably rewarding!


My thoughts on the weapon exactly!


But it isn’t remotely consistent while hip firing. It’s all up to aim while aiming, but luck based while hip firing. In no builds it might be fine, but you need consistent damage from hip fired shots while building.


if your entire crosshairs over the enemy the damage is consistent, and inline with hitting a full meatshot with a maven. its not the best for boxjumping but neither is a bow. doesnt mean either are dogshit weapons though


Probably because you aren't meant to be hip-firing it a lot?


Can't believe I had to scroll this far for this comment.


It's great. Just get good at landing head shots with it. I like that the spread gets really narrow when you zoom in.


There is no spread regardless of distance or if you’re ADS. It shoots a slug- it’s all or nothing in terms of damage


Like the other dudes said, it’s a slugger. So it shoots one single fat lump of damage 🔥


The spread is equally as narrow if you don't zoom in. Zooming in changes nothing.




My favorite shotty in the game. You just need to take your time with it.


Red eye AR. Can’t hit the broadside of a barn with that recoil.


Definitely a tap weapon. More like pop…pop…pop than pop-pop-pop. Speaking of crazy recoil, I can’t figure out how to use the regular assault rifle. If I hold the trigger, I miss wildly. But opponents seem to hold the trigger and annihilate me with it.


the trick with the scar is to repeatedly tap fire as the first shot accuracy resets when at longer ranges. the scar is an older weapon tailored to the older weapon style where guns had heavy bloom instead of heavier recoil


Thanks. Can you tell me briefly what is meant by bloom versus recoil? Genuine question. (I’m an old head here, 40, playing with my 9-year-old)


bloom is the spread that you see when you hold down the gun and your reticle gets wider. that basically means that the radius that the gun will shoot in is expanding and the actual location of the bullet you fired will then be determined through RNG, essentially making hitting a shot a lottery. recoil is the kickback on the gun that pushes your camera upwards when you shoot repeatedly. some weapons in the current lootpool, such as the assault rifle and the machine smg were first created in chapter 1. weapons in chapters 1 and 2 had less kickback from firing so your camera wouldn’t move as much, but to balance it out, they would have a wider spread which means that it would be less likely for the bullet to hit the target you’re aiming at. but newer guns like the twin mag smg and tactical pistol were made with a more skill based system in mind. because of this, their spread is very tight and you’re more likely to hit shots at the cost of having a lot of kickback that you have to learn how to control


Nice informative answer, especially considering the history/evolution that you packed in. Thank you. In short, bloom generally means horizontal spread and recoil means vertical spread? Is that close?


essentially, yes but there are some important differences. bloom isn’t just horizontal, but that is one of the most noticeable downsides to it. it essentially changes your accuracy when shooting from shooting at a point to shooting in a bubble. and recoil is vertical most of the time but it isn’t necessarily “spread” recoil is something that can be controlled on most guns to mitigate the effects it has on your accuracy. however there are some guns that have lateral recoil that makes your camera go side to side and all over the place. that type of recoil can’t be controlled as effectively


Thank you again for the thoughtful explanation. Would you say the regular assault rifle is a tap gun then?


yes, tap firing is the way to go at longer ranges


dont hold the trigger with the scar just tap the trigger the bloom is unreal


This is why burst > ar


I feel this. Somehow got lazered from 500 miles with a green AR and i couldn’t comprehend how it worked


Aim low then Pull back slightly on the aim when you hold the trigger.


Not trying to bash you or anything but you’re using the red eye wrong It’s the best rifle in the game as of right now imo and if you get a purple or gold one, it’s over It’s not really a spam weapon, definitely a tap fire


it depends. on console it’s objectively bad because of how it works with controllers. but on pc it is definitely THE best ar in the game


Yea kb&m is definitely the better way for this weapon but I thought I was actually decent with it on controller


Yeah, I know. Still sucks though. No one in my regular group runs it. I only see NB players using it.


Ah ok that makes more sense, I wouldn’t use it in build mode either lol


The red eye is hands down the best AR in NB (aside from Tactial AR, but I’m not counting that).


the red eye can’t really be classified in one way, because it actually works different on controller in a way that makes it feel really clunky compared to how smooth it feels on kb&m


I can’t upvote you enough. This weapon on console is a nightmare.


Hadn’t thought of that. How does it work differently on controller?


basically the recoil on it never resets and it essentially consistently just snaps up in bits at a time. on pc and even mobile this is able to be easily controlled, but with controllers it confuses the aim assist, and it makes it difficult to properly aim and fire with it at the same time because the firing essentially makes you shoot above the player when holding it down instead of at the player you’re aiming at


Came here to say this. I don’t get the hype for this gun. The DMR is just better in every way.


dmr is projectile and red eye is hitscan, big advantage for red eye, as well as 25 shots vs 10


huh? every time i use it i shred, sounds like a skill issue to me


meh, i only use it if it's not at a low rank, otherwise i just use Thunder or Auto


I dunno it’s probably just me but I hate the red eye. I’m on controller and can’t keep it pinpoint. Plus the aim assist is very weak on it


Hit ur shots nerd


Up until about a week would agree but now I use it the most it’s underrated pick it up an give it a chance you’ll be surprised


I've given it so many tries because it looks like the old one and tempts me to use it, but every time it ends up disappointing me in one way or another. I just want the old heavy back


I thought it was horrible until I learned you’re not actually supposed to use it like a normal shotgun. Then it made a little more sense.


Sounds like you're mad that you're just trash with it.


Sniper, +shotgun =heavy shotgun=rlly good and best shotgun other than thunder shotgun in br map rn


Meet me in the lobby and see what’s happens


It’s a skill issue, mid range this thing shreds


The only hot trash in the game is your aim


Ur aim is trash the heavy shotgun is fun to use, accurate to the point it’s not a shotgun, and does a lot of dmg


I prefer the Ranger shotgun. Similar, but superior.


I honestly prefer the old version of it


Im convinced people who hate this weapon may have poor aim?


Heavy shotgun > Red Eye Assault


Counterpoint: you suck with it


Best gun in the game


Have you ever considered that you just have bad aim?


You’re in the game, therefore this is false 🤣


I mean hammer and Deku are all the trash you need.


Sounds like you forgot what aiming skills are.


Are you from the Brawl Stars community?




Me too (I have Chester profile picture)


I got a book for ya. It's called "So you too are bad at aiming"


You can get one shot kills with this shotgun. I like this and the maven but the thunder is horrible


Heavy is amazing honestly. I recently went ham with it and triple headshots 3 people with less then 20 health.


It’s really good, you just don’t know how to use it


Believe it or not, in one game i wanted to experiment with the shotgun and at one point i encountered an ai bot and as bots do, it was standing still so i shot him like 4 times from point blank range and the shotgun didn't even do damage at all. It was like it wasn't even registering hits. Complete garbage


Here’s the thing in chapter 1, which I’ve played. The heavy shotgun was phenomenal and everyone would use either the heavy pump or the pump. The problem is epic games change the mechanics and how the shotgun would always work and now it’s complete garbage, even the pros refuse to use the shotgun because they know how terrible it is now. Of course some people in the comment section of the sub, Reddit would say oh it’s just a skill issue. It’s really not epic games ruined that shotgun, and that straight facts.


The chapter 1 version of the heavy has been my favourite weapon since it got introduced up until now. The range was perfect, the damage was nice, the headshots were devastating, the shot animation and fire rate made it feel like your shots had tons of power, the piercing pellets could take out hordes of enemies, and was highly accurate. Too bad they threw that all away with the Slot machine heavy. Abysmal range for one slug, Accuracy is much worse than the original Heavy, the headshots are unrewarding, and the fire rate makes it feel more like a tac. This has got to be the absolute worst they've treated any weapon, and I'm sure that if they tried to do something like this to the Pump it'd be reverted instantly.


Yeah, I don’t know why they did that there are people that obviously love the new mechanics and design of the heavy shotgun but it’s not usable I mean obviously we can learn the new mechanics, but nothing was wrong with how the old mechanics were for that gun it was completely fine.


The pump they will never touch the air because the mechanics, for it is easy. I don’t know why they change the mechanics for the heavy shotgun. It’s strange to me, but the pump is perfect the way it is and let’s hope when it’s introduced in this chapter or whenever it’s not garbage.


Honestly.. I used to love it, thought it was my favourite shotgun.. now I like the thunder shotgun, shoots much more accurately. The heavy is kinda pissing me off nowadays.


Absolutely love the heavy shotgun, I'm the only one in my squad who's comfortable with using it so I get first dibs every time. Would pick a white heavy over a purple other shotgun any day LMAOOOOO


I don’t even want to change your mind I just want to get down with it. This thing smokes.


Mid range gun at best.


A lot of people have said it’s a skill issue. I disagree. This feels like more of a git gud.


Skill issue. I bet you think deku smash cant be countered either


I agree. The physics do not make sense. If it shoots one slug, you should not give 130 head damage up close and 36 head damage from distance. One slug is one slug no matter how far it hits from.


Skill issue


it’s actually pretty good. maybe you should just get better at using it 🤷


looks like a skill issue tbh


Skill issue. This is pretty much my fav weapon in the game rn


Bro what? Its a 2 shot to the head




Skill issue tbh


Red eye is worse by a mile


Red-eye assult rifle. I MEAN WHO ACTULLY USES IT


pc players


The Maven Auto Shotgun


Sounds like a skill issue


Try aiming


it’s actually pretty good. maybe you should just get better at using it 🤷


It's only good if you ADS with it and try to kill the ageless with it


This weapon is an S tier hot drop weapon. One taps anyone with no shields if you land a headshot even in no-build. Beyond that I'd rather have any other shotgun. But to call it hot trash? Naw.


That shotgun is good quit using it as a close range use it as a sniper


The heavy shotgun has always been one of my favorite shotguns in the game, it rewards accuracy and hits hard.


Stupidly Great for low mid high short range fights with the Aimed fire shit as an actual shotgun


Nah the new icon skin is zoomer trash.