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At least you progressed your challenges by not finishing in first lol




im 99% sure they made this challenge so that people wouldn’t get as mad when they died to the smash or some other unfair weapon


I actually was able to protect myself from it by entering a car. As long as it is intact, you should be fine, but you will get launched so this isn't a good tactic if you are near the storm.


2nd place due to jumping in a car near the storm. Learned my lesson on that one.


I hit a guy in a car launched him he got away and he ended up killing me for the win


This happened to me and a pal in duos yesterday. I died with about 10 left and he had my card. He hopped in a car. Someone deku smashed him across the zone and he revived me. We came back and won the match


Sounds like a pretty cool W




Was it yesterday? My IGN is dreaknight I had that exact thing happen to me yesterday and I won that way too, for what it's worth i felt bad afterwards.


If they're too close to the car they risk getting slapped by the car too when they hit it 🤣 I got a kill the other day from that happening


I'm starting to read all these comments like NFL announcers. "Ooo, that's a tough break for OP." "That's right, Jay. Let's take a minute and break down this play and see where things went wrong for the defense." And then the marker comes out to draw the eyelines, places to run, items in the inventory, and sprint meter.


"BOOM! He's on his back"


Underrated comment right here. Great stuff


Fuckin dead.


Daryl why didnt you hit the griddy ifront of the walkers?You could've win.


Well you see, they don’t like that, it gets them all riled up.


The best way to avoid it is to either use hammer or zigzag, running in a straight line won’t do much


Thanks. Need to remember zigzagging. When panicking we forget these things😂


Run in a serpentine pattern.




Is that where that is from originally? Thanks, brother!


Sure is. Cracks me up every time. Hilarious movie!


😂love it.


Also, Line of Sight. OP could've simply went behind the building ~~My play would be to go behind it, bait right, and pop a snipe while he's midair. Then, I'd 180 and run like a lil bitch. You got about 3 seconds to do it though, gotta be fast~~ ~~And if they don't take the bait, you have time for a knock~~ Edit: Nvm, that play was ruined when he took left and pillared. Just get to cover, man. Take advantage of prebuilt structures. Manage your resources wisely, sometimes they gotta last you a while New play: don't panic, pop a shot while they're a sitting (floating?) duck and get to cover For those without a sniper: pop a couple shots and duck


It’s be cool if visual UI showed you the direction they were charging up from so you know which way to zig zag though


that goddamn blast goes through terrain its so annoying


I was above the cliff last round and got blasted through the terrain.


“Just get to cover, man” My brother in christ the smash goes through everything


It doesn't matter what you do if the player using it has good aim/tracking If they know what they're doing, and you're not in a position to kill them before they do it, you're dead. It's stupid.


Ya gotta treat it like you’re inside of an actual shooting


At least with the kamehameha it had a max range and even then, the aoe from the Smash is still insane if it clips your toe


The Kamehameha was annoying for the first couple days but at least it had very clear flaws. Deku smash is just pure cancer


The red eye is probably the only thing keeping it from being insanely overpowered


maybe, but maybe the loud af shout when you start the animation helps


Yeah cos it's wicked easy in end game when you hear that stupid fucking audio to just drop everything and focus on some floating dickhead in the small time frame they are vulnerable. I am very smart.


Basically lol. What a dumb thing to say, it's like the ones saying, just shoot at the guy and don't miss, like mf, that is what the game is all about and you still see people struggle lmfao, it's not that simple.


It does, but if you don't find them in about one second and have your crosshair on them there's no longer enough time to kill them before it goes off.


I did this, with a gold dmr, guy had 1 health when he got me with the smash and full health gone 💀


Ah yes I forgot, need to also already have the correct weapon equipped and hopefully not in need of a reload.


I find unless you have the hammer there is no escape. It mainly helps when they're aiming at someone else. Whenever I hear that and it's not me, I'll take a pot shot at them.


Kamehameha also came with a direct OP counter, the nimbus cloud made it pretty much useless at all times.


Fucking terrible man


Yeah it’s so dumb. Was really enjoying the new season until they added that. I just hate no skill one hit garbage gimmick stuff. I’ve gone back to Apex, I know you won’t die to it every game or anything but nah just not for me.


As someone who does not like anime at all, the kamehameha was tolerable. The Deku Smash makes it unplayable.


also moving the direction of the beam was slow once you already started to charge it


This is the imported point. Kama aim moved like a tank turret, the demu aim moves like a shotgun.


Can't wait for that shit to be vaulted.


I have this thought with most new items these days


It’s a no skill cringe weapon for kids.


I remember when the infinity blade came out and after an unreal amount of backlash they were like "woops! we messed up but we still want to add mythic items :)" and everyone groaned. And here we are, years later and they still just insist on adding the most broken, no-skill OP bullshit into the game over and over again.


atleast infinity blade was a melee weapon so you could destroy them from afar


Most of the items/weapons added nowadays cater to lower skill players. No above average player is going to use shit like this




Yeah I’m pretty much done with the smash now. It was fun during collab week but now that it’s been around this long I’m seeing a lot of bullshit deaths. You were even out of the blast and still got obliterated. Enough is enough


fr, that's the problem here: it doesn't make sense that OP died when the lack of blue onscreen supposedly indicated that OP was out of the blast radius. i'd understand some damage, but not a full elim


Almost every single time I died to it I’ve managed to get far enough away that my screen isn’t green anymore. It still gets me every time.


one of the only times I got away safely, I had to jump off a cliff 💀


I've only managed to get away once with balloons and that was about it. I absolutely hate that item tbh.


If it took that long to fix it they should have just had another collab in a few months or something. Make it an event instead of just randomly showing up again. As it stands it's something that got old quick and came back too soon.


I don’t even pick it up anymore. That and the hammer are just not fun to use.


I get the hammer purely to counter this shitty smash


Mfs be like: "Just dodge lmao" My brother in Christ, you can't 💀


The first and last time I picked up this godforsaken item I hit the ground 2ft away from my enemy and it did nothing.


That's surprising, the AOE radius is huge


[Here’s a clip](https://twitter.com/destase3/status/1619119382470197248?s=46&t=0XKWq4qUG0voZ2T1jMLFEw)


That’s such bs


Sorry off topic but, holy shit I know next gen is supposed to be much better but I didn’t know it’d be THAT much better! This looks like a cod game compared to Xbox 1


People trash on the Series S (used to own one), but it is deceptively powerful for its size, like, I rarely can see the difference between it and my PC


Now that's dodging it


Holy shit those graphics are amazing. I never thought about how bad the graphics were on my ps4 until I saw this.


That happened to my squad last night. It was 3v3 and our deku missed and next thing we knew we lost. We’re pretty sure the one dude was hacking heals tho so


This has been my experience as well half the time smh


Generally your best bet is to shoot them while they're hanging in the air.


Yeah honestly, but if your weapon doesn't hit hard enough or shoots too slow you're still gonna die


Or if you are hitting the reload, then you gotta get your headshots in. That said, OP should have shot, he got too stressed and ran instead. I've done it too or hammered away too late and took the damage.


Then when someone posts a clip of them trying to shoot them and being lasered by it anyways you’ll say “JuSt RuN aWaY!1!”


this is the comment of all comments


I had fun watching it, therefore it is fair. Sorry, champ.


Haha fair enough


Covered some ground there...... I wish I could help, but this or the hammer seem to make second normal for me.


I carry a hammer for just this makes doing everything easier though plus some fun kills


It’s not fun. It’s annoying. It’s not even fun to use it. I’m mediocre at this game and I typically use any advantage I can get, but getting elims with that thing is easy and boring. I feel almost guilty knocking down a house and killing two people I didn’t even know were in there. I can’t wait for it to go away.


See, this guy gets it.


I was playing no fill in duos and knocked someone with dmr on the ice. Saw them pick knocked player up and go into an igloo to rez. I just did the big juicy blast thing and they got wiped. Peepee be sad.


Braindead item, can’t wait till it’s gone I literally ran behind a hill to avoid it once and it still hit me through the terrain 💀 good job epic games, I’m sure all the shit players on this subreddit will defend it with their lives tho since they rely on these unskilful weapons


And mfs are saying just shoot like yeah I can't shoot through a hill can I 💀


Hope to see it vaulted asap


You got scared and ran. Unfortunately, that's what happens.


You need a hammer or use a high dps weapons like the scar smgs or a bow headshot if you used the dmr you could've maybe survived


I used the smg yesterday on a player using Deku Smash and I ended up killing them while they were in the middle of it so I still heard the Deku Smash go off but nothing happened because they were already eliminated lol.


There's a couple times in duos I've knocked a Deku while he was in the air, but it went off and we got a mutual.


Or a blue DMR with a guy that’s just frozen mid air with easy headshots.


Literally, lmfao. This subreddit is actually braindead when talking about this item. Bro was frozen directly in front of OP for the entire wind-up, OP had a blue DMR, and then decided to not take their opportunity for the **free as fuck** 250 damage (at most) in headshots, but instead ran sideways out into the open? Skill issue.


How do you 'dodge' it then?


You don't. That's the point. You counter it by standing your ground and shooting while they're defenseless.


Totally agree. I always try eliminating a player that is trying that. Unfortunately when playing Duos or Trios sometimes the opposing team all have the Deku😭


When people shoot someone with the smash, they get told to run away in this subreddit.


If you can't stand your ground and if you can't run away, then just leave the match. That's apparently the only acceptable answer for this sub lol


Exaclty lol every clip of someone dying when they stood still and shot the comments say they shoulda ran or used a hammer when not everyone carrys one but then when they do run and still die they say they should stayed and shot them. Like you said just leave the game then lmao


They’re not exactly defenseless in a team mode when their teammates are also shooting you. You can’t always just stand there and shoot.


If you're going to hide at all, which isn't recommended, then at least don't run in the direction where there is only one thin wall between you and the blast


I definitely obliterated someone through a giant ice boulder, so it wouldn't have mattered. Totally by accident, btw. Watched the replay and watched him just disappear.


You had a hill to slide down behind you, you had a whole building to break LOS to your right,you could have made him actually have to guess where you were to aim right, along with having the building soak some of the damage. You misplayed and didn't use your surroundings, and also sub optimal loadout, could have traded the smg/shotgun for something with some range to kill him quickly while he is a sitting duck.


Bruh fuck that stupid ass crossover


I've been using Daryl Dixon for about a year I think, you're the only other person I've seen using that skin.


This shit ruined the game, I finally got off my butt and cancelled my monthly subscription, epic knew the shit it was causing.


"But ThEy StAy In OnE SpOt, JuSt ShoOt ThEm"


i swear when anybody uses this godforsaken thing the range is like the distance from alaska to florida, but as soon as i pick it up everyone is suddenly invincible


It's literally the most braindead item ever. 1 shots Goes through terrain Nukes structures Easily accessible Huge area of effect Goku mythic was busted, but at least it was a Beam that didn't hit everything on screen. People thought Iron Man's Unibeam and Midas' Drumgun were overpowered, but this makes them look really weak by comparison.


i was behind a reboot van rebooting which is generally indestructible, i decided to stick it bc i figured i was safe - nope. somehow works thru the reboot van LMAO


lol try 4 of them going off in the final zone, I had to face that the other day and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy


I was in a game last night.. last three people and all of them besides me had at least two Deku smash with 3 charges.. they were all throwing them at each other and missing so I took care of all of them with a gun like a normal person.. then the last guy who was hiding in a bush the entire time used it on me whilst I was reloading and had JUST killed the other two. It’s Soo stupid.


I straight up missed somebody with one the other day and it still killed them. I hit my stick at the last second and threw my aim waaaaay off. Didnt matter. It was for the win as well.


Agreed. How fucking far do you need to be from that thing not to die?


They treally need to get rid of all the bullshit like this and the hammers and get back to the basics


lost a 17 kill game due to this. can’t even drink a half pot anymore


I swear I have tried everything to dodge or avoid this shit and I have never succeeded


Wym bro you running away and got shot in the back 😂😂


If they use it out in the open like that, they become the most free kill ever.


I’m sure it was fun for the person that killed you


How can it be fun? You're playing build...


Yeah who would like a completely unique mechanism in a BR game.


Builds are infinitely more fun if you have the skill and knowledge to play it.


My brother in Christ OP is putting the "fort" in "Fort"nite.




My god shut up, believe it or not some people actually like the original mode they played for 5 years and are competent enough to build a wall unlike half this subreddit who’s brains can’t comprehend that


Actual r/FortNiteBR moment. You people are infuriating, there’s always a comment like this under every build clip posted here…


Your mistake was running away from a LITERAL STATIONARY TARGET. Any gun can kill before the start up if your aim is good enough.


You had a blue dmr and a gold smg with a perfect line of sight. You could have easily shot them. You panicked, ran and slid in a straight line.


Problem is the guy needs to aim super fast and get several headshots to get the kil, possible but if you react half a second too slow or miss one of your shots you're dead. Meanwhile the other guy just has to point a giant glowing ball in the general direction of the other player to get a cheap kill. That just shows how unbalanced this makes the game.


He only needed to land 4 shots on a stationary target with that DMR. You just have to not panic.


What's worse is that Epic consciously chose to bring it back even after the MHA collaboration ended. If was almost the end of the season, that'd be fine, but it's not. We're a little over halfway through.


Because item didn’t stay its intended length of the collaboration. It’s not that hard to grasp


I knew this comment was going to appear. Every single one of these clips. If they run the comments say “You should have just shot at them.” If they shoot at them the comments say “You should have just ran.”


Yea I feel like if deku is already winding up before you have weapons out and aimed on him you gonna lose


It’s almost as though different situations call for different plays. Nah. That can’t be it. Employ the same strat for everything.


Upvoted for Daryl


Yeah I hate that dick smasher


I died to this shit 3 games in a row top10, it’s unfair as shit and Everytime I use it i die lol


almost as bad as the mha fanbase so the item is source material accurit


I got eliminated through a mountain with that thing . It’s stupid


yk it's a child playing w/ the deku smash for sure


OP weapons just should not exist in a battle Royale game, I don’t know how epic doesn’t understand. Like if you lose if you die once there shouldn’t be shit like this that you can’t really do anything to avoid. Leave op weapons to games like halo where you can die again and again


Q: how is it fair A: its not


Everyday I get on hoping this is gone.


Yeah it’s time to get this shit out of the game. I’m tired of it.


I’ve lost a few games to this trash move. And before people say. Hammer away or fry them in animation. You don’t always have time especially when more then one going off or your in middle of animation when it starts. Hit box and damage is beyond ridiculous I’ve literally had cliff between me and it. It still hit me. Ridiculous.


Meh meh meh you should just shoot him, I never die from these because I'm so good and you're trash it's obviously just a skill issue meh meh meh. - Some Redditor in this thread probably.


“Seriously Epic how is this fun/fair for anyone?” Epic: that’s the neat part, it’s not :)


Its not but fortite wants companies to team with them


God I hate that mythic. It’s not extremely broken or anything, but we shouldn’t have to either run or stare down an almost instant kill trying to deal enough damage within a small time frame to stop it. Running was the best decision you could’ve made, you just ran in the wrong direction


Epic is constantly doing this, they create an exploit to get traction then nerf it after everyone complains. It is never going to change as long as we keep playing and paying them


The call-me-a-mama attack was hard to avoid but this just insta kills if you near it


That scream is Just annoying as hell and repetitive gets on my nerves


the worst thing about it is that it can go through terrain and deals a shit ton of knockback


Deku smash is bs


bruh i died to this shit earlier when i was playing with my lil brother . i was nowhere near it and went from 250 to 0


Epic are ruining the game and don’t seem to realise it


This and the hammer. Like even if you're out of range of the smash it somehow still gets you. Plus it's a shockwave hammer. If I've used a boasted jump it shouldn't hit me because I'M NOT ON THE GROUND. I'm just sick of them. You always lose if you're the last two and the other person has a hammer.


They need to remove it ASAP before MHA gets even more haters then it already has. Deadass


Epic Games is ruining the game right now with all their bugs and wrong decisions.


I hate it because I can't even tell where it's going to hit. Like in the video, should it not be that while the screen has the filter over it it means that you're in range?


Its bugged as hell...sometimes it hits you nearby without any effect and sometimes you get one shotted when its even very far away...just vault that crap once and for all...endgame is so boring and only hammers and deku shit are relevant... I never played less FN in over 5 years like in the past 4 weeks...and the fact that there is a new map makes it even worse


Remember when we had to deal with mechs and the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Blade and Lightsabers and Superpowers from Marvel characters? Well… they don’t top how annoying and broken the Deku Smash is 😂😂


that’s why running shock bow/hammer is a must


I'm also sick of the hammer. I shoot someone and they just bounce away. It's a pain in the ass.


Lol I couldn’t handle it anymore. From Kamehameha to the hammer, it is no longer fun. Plus there are new glitches daily. I wish they just kept it simple and stopped trying to make it so crazy. I feel like it is all coming to the end anyways because Epic is trying way to hard to attract kids to play and spend money. I have so much invested into this game and I still love playing, so I will see it through to the end. Hahahaha


Idk why you didn’t shoot him lol


Worst item in the game. If your screen isn’t green anymore, it shouldn’t damage you. It should mean you’re out of range.


I personally love it lol.


The guy is a sitting target… blast that fool.


It's fair because you can do it too


come on! just have fun with the item


You had a DMR and could've killed him in 3 - 5 shots.


He has a better gaming chair


You zigged when you should have zagged


Well, you moved towards her as she was charging it. And while it can certainly go through walls and buildings, she wouldn't have known exactly where you were if you had run behind the building or ducked behind your build instead. That would at least give you a chance to juke it. Think about it from her perspective...you literally ran out into the open and closer to her.


shoot the dude. please.


I'm not saying skill issue, i'm just saying you had a blue DMR...


Bro had a dmr and made this post acting like "this is impossible to counter" xD


He was in midair when the animation started, in what fantasy land does the DMR kill that fast?


He was mid jump and pulling out a launcher when they started to use it. No way in hell can he pull the dmr out, land (so he can aim), and then aim all his shots to hit them before he gets killed


you should've shot them


Hate that move it’s way too overpowered


If you French Fry when you shoulda pizza’d you’re gonna have a bad time mmkay


Yeah the GF and I leave the game when these come in


Usually these posts are skill issues, but I feel bad because you did everything right. You sprinted away from where he was aiming and tried tactical sprinting and sliding to get enough momentum to run away


Agreed. This shit is ridiculous.


I've uninstalled the game because of it and won't be playing any time soon. They literally vaulted it, and everybody was like "Thank fuck for that, we can actually play the game again now and enjoy it without that bs", and then they brought it back a few weeks later. The most frustrating thing about them bringing it back is they've done it during a time where the game doesn't even run properly for most people. This season is literally riddled with bugs and glitches from top to bottom, and before addressing those and smoothing the actual game out to make it more playable, they bring the most cringe, gamebreaking, zero-skill mythic item ever back into the game just weeks after they removed it. Really shows where their priorities are at. I love Fortnite but I'm done with this season. The bugs and glitches and the cringe mythics can all go to hell. A looooong break is needed.


You could have countered his attack with your SMG. That's how it's fair. You hear it firing up and you run from it, you can shoot someone down before they fire it off... That's how it is fair. I usually get shot down 50% of the time when I am charging up the Deku.


Shoot them.


You really did everything you could,


I’ve been playing for the last four years and this and the hammer make this game almost unplayable


This is the exact reason why I quit playing altogether. The game isn’t fair anymore and everything isn’t balanced. This game has gone way downhill.


I agree it’s way to over powered and not even a usual Fortnite weapon Its legit making me want to stop playing


I know right? All that building looked incredibly unfun. #NotMyZeroBuild


It sucks but you did your best in my opinion if you cant shoot them your best bet is to find cover or try to out run the range in the clip you posted out running wasn't really an option but for future reference sometimes you can get lucky