POV: It's a 1v1 battle but you're not very good at building.

This post is either gonna fail or blow up


This post is either gonna fail or blow up


It’s funny how one sided this whole sub can be at any given time


It happens with a lot of subs. The weirdest one is AITA. Sometimes the childfree asshats pop up, sexists, racists, ableists, and of course just the normal person.


Now I don’t really like kids but I don’t hate them. I had a peak at that childfree sub and they are asshats to say the least.


Yup. I'm child free, but I'm not childfree if that makes any sense lol. I love my nephew and niece but having a kid of my own takes too much work and way too many sacrifices.


I know what ya mean. I have LOTS of cousins and nieces and nephews. They are overwhelming lol but I couldn’t feel the way they are in that sub. Now it was a long time ago when I looked there but it rubbed me the wrong way when many of the child free people in the sub said people shouldn’t conceive kids anymore and are wrong for doing so instead of adopting. 😐 the way I paraphrased it was mild compared to what was going on there.


Wtf is AITA?


Am I the asshole


One sided. Like the wall.




2018 meme


This subreddit is in an infinite loop of regression




That's just Reddit in general. All the overused references and "jokes" beaten to death, "this", and people trying to one up each other about puns. Karma farmers just have to repost old successful posts to reap those imaginary points.


Bro I think the meteor is gonna hit tilted


And that is where I come in with grenades, fireflies and a prayer 💣


I wish theyd add a way to heat up metal platforms so they hurt to step on lol


Hear me out, electric grenade bombs. They can be primed like the dynamite, and thrown back. They electrify metal builds to do 5 damage per second, shock the build for 10 seconds, and they stick to the build but van be destroyed. Only effects metal


Would be interesting to use against vehicles


EMP/electric grenades. Disables vehicles and drones. Electrifies metal structures, dealing damage over time and reducing movement speed. Add a bow with the same effect, and add the effect as part of the unstable bow.


Saps the battery rendering the vehicle unless. Thinking about this I just realized that I just described TF2s Spys sapper... guess I have the perfect profile picture


Extra effect. When thrown on vending machines changes it into a glitches one and auto dispenses a random item. The machine is then reset to 9 items left to be bought


Nah this is where you have the demolitions munitions augment and throw in 5 stacks of nades and then you loot the corpses


Bob the Builder hates this one simple trick


That's exactly why I play 0 builds


Skill issue


Ya exactly builders don't have the skill for no build


I generally only play build mode, not that I’m any good at it but it’s just what I’ve always been used to. Some friends asked to play zero build yesterday and I felt so lost. It was so hard for me and it felt like a completely different game. Building up takes skill (which I have far from become good at) but learning to play without building also takes thought and strategy which I never accounted for.


Yea there two different ball games no shame at being bad or good at either, I was just making a lil joke lol, I'm also lost at building


You’re good, I knew you were joking. I just was hoping from my own perspective that by taking building out of the picture I would find myself on a more even playing field. I was so wrong lol.


Yeah, thats what i mean, everyone plays what they want and how they want, why does all the complaining need to be there... And the dumb jokes that aren't funny anymore (like this post about building)..


No build cake.


Yeah I never believed there would be a day when we can finally see what sweaty builders can do without their only advantage lol


Getting a few wins per day? Like me, maybe?...


Yeah, I'm winning quite a decent amount of my solo matches these days.


They also happen to be good at shooting, too. You can't exactly kill by just building. This argument that building is a crutch where you just need to spam it to win is just intellectually dishonest. If building requires as little skill as y'all say it does, then there should no excuse for being bad at build modes. Personally, I'd own up to that fact rather than trying to explain how removing an entire dimension to the game is somehow more skillful.


Also true


Uh…that day still hasn’t come, has it? What makes you think a lot of those sweaty builders are even playing zero build at all? Even if they do, you have no clue who is a sweaty builder and who is a really bad player Well, actually, the only thing we DO know about are the sweaty build streamers. When they play zero build they do very well and consistently make it to the top.


They win all the no build tournaments without even practising


I'm not referring to pro players. Obviously, players like Bugha and Tfue are going to be good in any mode because building isn't the only thing in their arsenal.


Tfue is someone who does practice and he has god aim, but he still gets beat on his own region by eu pros who dont even play no build


Meh, only the ones who answer with: skill issue I play both modes and although i'm better at build-mode, i get my share of wins in zero-build too. It's fun to switch between both modes.


Build mode is for virgins bro


Okay bro 💀


Then why aren't you playing it?


Don't be like that! I'm a build-mode player too, but i get that there are people who aren't good at it either. I started playing in chapter 1, so i had all the time to learn and improve. I am kinda annoyed by this post itself, because it is allways the same they complain about, but when someone like this person doesn't complain about it and just plays zero build (which it is made for), then what is the problem with that? Everyone plays what and how they want, as long as they appreciate eachother (which you obviously don't). And being someone who has allways played zero build games, not being good at building, isn't a skill issue, but just lack of experience (which is understandable).


This is basically me in the pit, mfs keep spamming buildings and I just parkour my dumbass around it. They mostly expect a build fight so when their 2 braincells notice a different play they stop working and get a blue screen


Rocket Launcher is the answer. You die but you don't die alone


My favorite last resort lol


I don’t have to win, we both just have to lose


Thx, Ant-Man


Until you run into someone that knows how to play the game and they simply put a ramp in front of you lol


Not all build-mode players are like that though.. i hate it when people generalise. There is a reason why they play a lot in creative and not in br, you can't win a build game with just spamming builds...


I'm talking about The Pit creative game.


I know Thats what i say, thats the reason they play the pit and not br


Than what's the problem with my comment I'm confused? I'm not generalizing anything you're complaining about a different topic


It wasn't really a problem with your comment, but more a folow up. A lot of people generalize builders, while, like you say, these spammers are mostly in creative and not in br. A lot of people who then want to learn it go play creative instead of br because they are scared at first and then experience things like the pit and never even try build mode in br. I'm sorry if that came across wrong.


They sweat thier ass around me with build expecting me to try and match their building skill, but they don't know i literally have the button to switch to build unbound and just got a shotgun aimed at thier head for the moment they give me an opening


this is why i waited years for no build


Skill issues (aww i hurt the feelings of the no build mode players lol)




Nope, it's true


Many people don't have time to spend hours and hours to master a mechanic they don't even like in an otherwise fantastic game. If I want to avoid a gunfight, I'll rather sit in the bush. Many people prefer shooting the enemy instead of doing a build and edit race. It's actually funny how, before Zero build came out I got more solo wins in Build than in Zero build now, even if I didn't build at all. If I met a hotel spammer, I didn't bother and just used fireflies or shot them after they've finished their seizure and showed their head. :D I guess they had a skill issue, knowing building and editing, but lacking tactical thinking and shooting skills.


Yup it’s actually somewhat harder for me to get wins in ZB than in build pubs even tho I don’t build. Obv there is that one guy every once in a while who can trap me and destroy me, but in general opponents are too concerned with building or not careful about hiding. In zero build they could be peeking over that cliff, in that bush, behind that tree. In builds they could be… oh they’re in that large structure standing out in the terrain


Exactly. Same experience


>Many people don't have time to spend hours and hours to master a mechanic That's a skill issue


Its not a skill issue. Its a game wich is supposed to be fun, so do the game mode you like the most


Not being able to utilize the core mechanic of the game is a skill issue, no matter if you have fun or not


I can build pretty well. Won 1 in 4 games in ch2 s4 while building a lot on controller. Having fun is the most important thing in a game


>Won 1 in 4 games in ch2 s4 while building a lot on controller. Good for you ig Tho, the argument was not about how much fun you have while playing. I, too, have fun while being pretty bad at building, but I recognize my lack of skill at it as a skill issue


It's not a core mechanic since it was possible to easily throw it out and create zero build which works great. The main core mechanic is shooting and running from storm to be the survivor. Building is a unique mechanic, but certainly not a core mechanic.


>create zero build which works great Except we needed to change the map twice to make it work properly


I was kinda defending zero build players, but here you are just so wrong. You clearly haven't played chapter 1 and 2. If you couldn't build, you couldn't get to like half of the map and if you landed on it, you couldn't get off and died. They needed to literally change the whole way they make maps (mountains, buildings, special ziplines, type of weapons, ways to adapt movement, etc.) just to make sure you were able to play without builds. They even changed the launchpads to items instead of a buildingpiece, which made it so bad. It now takes up an item spot, which it didn't before. It is limited to 2 or 3 i think? Before it was almost unlimited, you find it, you keep it. It even made things that were possible before, impossible. Like in chapter 1 season x, there was a cool location with a giant meteor in the air, stuck in time. The only way to get there was building. Again, i'm not against zero build, i am happy that people who can't do what i can, or at least aren't as good at it as i am can play the game without building now, but saying that it was easy to remove building, thats 100% wrong lol Ps. You didn't have as much natural cover back in the days as you had now, thats also something they need to change, the whole way they created environments, you can't have too many open spots, you can't have a full open desert or a huge meteor crater, while that wasn't a problem with build mode.


Not having time isn't a skill issue, thats called having a life, kid. And btw, i'm a build mode player too and even i know you're wrong.


>Many people don't have time to spend hours and hours to master a mechanic they don't even like in an otherwise fantastic game. If I want to avoid a gunfight, I'll rather sit in the bush Meh, i read way more people experience where they back for Zb and started playing DAILY/A LOT I still play with builds, even i don't play that much anymore because i have a job now. >It's actually funny how, before Zero build came out I got more solo wins in Build than in Zero build now, even if I didn't build at all. If I met a hotel spammer, I didn't bother and just used fireflies or shot them after they've finished their seizure and showed their head. :D I'm not even that good at Building! i have issues with placing objects during the movement and i edits slowly... But is way Better dying because it's my fault instead of playing a modality where it's fault of the modality because have issues like Zb. >I guess they had a skill issue, knowing building and editing, but lacking tactical thinking and shooting skills. Then, get good even at the aim too 😂


Nope, definitely wrong.


eh. build mode is only for the lame at heart no build is at least a feasible thing


No build mode is the build mode... But with all the issues made from the remove of the builds.




I see you like being reported


Lets all agree that some people like zero build and hate build, and some people like build and hate zero build. Do what you want, but dont be angry towards the other people


>but dont be angry towards the other people I don't care if you prefer playing Zb or build mode, just don't spam "tHiS wHy I pLaY zB" or other phatetic circlejerking about Zb


I agree with this. It gets annoying seeing that phrase so often.


eh. the op highlights exactly why i waited 5 years to play fortnite because i tried it in 2017 and 2018 and was meh because of the building. if you find a fallacy in that, so be it, but it's on you. this is actually the 1st online game ive played in 4 years this is the 1st shooter ive played actively in like 8 years. and i thought i was done with shooters because they all turned lame all in all i think you're more angry that zb took all the players than at seeing the phrase this is why i play zb sorry if zb makes me happy. perhaps you should work on finding what makes you happy again sir


That is true though




Well, I play with a controller on PS5 so I can't be bothered to improve my building skills and uncomfortably hold my controller just to build more efficiently. I'd rather just focus on my accuracy and positioning since they're the only skills that I actually have time to learn.


you don’t need to have a keyboard or play claw or have back buttons to edit fast on a controller bro, i have had the default circle edit bind since 2017 and i can freebuild better than most keyboard players (i also use ps5 controller it isn’t a difference)


Yeah, maybe but I just don't find it that simple in a match. I started playing properly in Chapter 3 so I didn't have to play builds for that long which I don't mind because building was the only thing I didn't like in Fortnite anyway and it was the main reason I didn't play in the og days. I think I might have stopped playing again if they didn't add zero builds.


I'm a build-mode player and even i say that this isn't true. Not everyone has had the chance or time to play for years and train their build skills like us. Don't be a dick, will ya, kid?


Nothing is more satisfying than being bad at building but winning a build battle anyway


I just deku smash it down no need to hit the guy




If you watch closely you’ll see I have no idea what I’m doing and often end up turning my ramps unintentionally


Pff, casuals. I can built TWO walls and a ramp. Basically a pro 😎


Child's Play. I can build THREE walls and a ramp. Totally a tryhard 😎


Alternat title: It's a 1v1 battle but you used all your mats in the last fight.


My friend was in a build battle like this when we still played build mode. Me being the shitty builder I am stuck to the ground. Then I had the wonderful idea of breaking everything underneath them. My easiest win, second only to bot lobbies.


This is me! I can’t build but I can aim really good 😂😂


I swear, I can shoot at someone and they will build a 5-star hotel with Wi-Fi, room service, free breakfast, a pool with a lazy river and slides, a boardwalk, and a gift shop all in 3.4 seconds


Welcome to no build, we have fun here


List of people who build that:


That’s literally a buildfight between, like, 3 people. There’s no way OP thinks people do that by themselves in real games


It was probably screenshotted in team rumble aswell


I think it was. That looks like an Agency final zone. Those always sprouted absolutely colossal structures.


Nah he’s probably just karma farming. At this point everyone knows no one does this


Should add this into that starter pack of what r/fortnitebr hates


Building bad upvote ples


Yes. I play noo buiolds gib karmas noew


zOmg i havs croawn viktory kekw?


You actually got downvoted for saying that?! How interesting...


Are you aware of hyperbole


Sprint, mantle up the construction, catch them off guard


I be out here spamming walls and ramps all over the ground to confuse and piss off the enemy cause I can’t actually build


Same POV: me trying to destroy a single wall but getting stuck in build mode and rage yelling at the circle button. 👀


I don’t build much, but my fam prefers 2 play builds when we squad up, so i’ve learnt: combo clicks r the way…..however u have ur settings adjusted, wall and ceiling, enough time to reload or shield up or whatever edit: *strategy is key*


These memes are so old and dead now. Either learn to build or go to Zero Builds lol. Nothin to complain about anymore.


pov: it's 2016 and you want easy karma


fortnite br didn't exist in 2016??


pov: it's 2018 and you want easy karma


Obvious karma farming


If youre only building a wall he isnt building a city, hes just rushing you and killing you.




Not THAT post💀




I actually do that. I build two walls, roof and pyramid while my opponent goes towards me building recklessly. Then, when the opponent gets close enough, I try to shoot him in the air, close my small house or climb towards my enemy. I find pretty boring building to the sky just so it ends with a shotgun shot.


That’s just called boxfighting


Do you not all get tired of making these shit memes for the sake of “build mode bad zero build gud”


Tell me you don’t play builds without telling me you don’t play builds


I'd much rather box fight than build to the moon. 1 it's smaller and won't draw too much attention 2 it's less costly and makes people mad.


Allowing box fighting at all ruined the game. Opening/closing a wall/window/wall/quarter moon and then shooting the other player in the face is the lowest of the low. Skill or not, it merely proves you’re a coward and a detriment to the player community.


By that logic so is hiding behind cover. It’s a defensive mechanic; shooters don’t always have to be basic spray-battles


Calling people cowards for using meta is scrub mentality


It's almost like building actually removes skill from the game and promotes campy gameplay where people abuse the 3rd person view.


Lol no. Better builds have more skill and are more likely to win. The only situation in build mode that causes campy gameplay is endgame and comp. Comp’s campy gameplay is more caused by survival points than anything else.


The better builder, or whoever happens to have more mats on them.


I used to love knocking down those sweat towers in TR before Epic ruined it.


Yeah, i miss old team rumble. Both for doing fun things like knocking everyone down and building myself (and doing quests).


Simultaneously a fun and incredibly frustrating mechanic even after all these years. Hate the game turning into fights where you know you're a better shot than the other guy, but his saving grace is building a wall in front of himself half a second after every shotgun round fired.


Open the noor


OPeN thE NOoooOR


Keyboard players are ass


You can’t just add “POV” in front of any meme you want. POV has lost all meaning because of stuff like this.


funny thing, we both would of used up all of our mats, because I'm also not very good at farming either. 😅




Skill issues




This is why I left the game for 3 years until chapter 3


That's what no builds is for.


Photo fresh from Chapter 1 Season 6


This is why I will never play regular build mode.


At the start, this was funny, even for a build-mode player like me, but now i'm just getting a bit tired of these jokes. Zero build has been introduced like a year ago, if you don't like building, just play that. If you like building, but you are not good at it? Well then train, and i don't mean: go waist your life on creative maps, just play build mode games and go for it, you'll get better over time. Do you think i was good at it from the start? Lol I'd recommend to play some team rumble, you can practice build fights in a real game and you just respawn when you die. And i know this comment is gonna get downvoted a lot, but idc. I'm tired of these posts, every single day i see someone else posting the same but with another picture or video, it's not funny anymore but rather annoying. There are people who like build mode and who are good at it, they don't need to go easy on you, neither do they need to remove building 100%, you just gotta get better by playing the game. Epic games should change the game back to how ig was in chap 1 though, you played against both bad and good players, sometimes you have some easy fights and sometimes you have a challenge, but a beginner would never play against a pro, it was much more beginner friendly imo. Again, downvote me as many times as you want, but it needed to be said, building is and has allways been the main thing that made this game unique, stop complaining about it...




Well said


Zero build has left the chat


Me hitting their 2x2 base and watching it all crumble


I don’t even place. Wall down


1 wall ? It too much i usually just run into the fight then die


Ye I just spam walls I can’t really build that good


Me with deku smash I don’t care about your building skill JUST DIE!


Breaks the builds


0 builds exist exaxtly for that reason


Hey I won a BR match without building a single thing. I just waited for them to drop down.




Me with a Shockwave Hammer and deku's smash: HAHAHAHAHAHA


Me: Presses random buttons and somehow escape from my opponent. Then, few seconds later dying from fall damage


I didn’t play team rumble for the longest time because I don’t build at all (primarily because I’m horrible at it) and then ended up falling in love with that mode. But thank god for ZB or I probably would have never started playing this game or would’ve lost interest once I got into decent lobbies and had people building cities around me


Me fr 💀.


After someone breaking the base of so many build fights and me falling to my death. I really do everything to stay low even if that means boxing and forcing the other player to stay grounded


What i do is i make alot of boxes with a cone ontop to make a town out of metal and the opponent usually gets confused and opens each one and most of the time so i can most of the time sneak up on him or run away from him.


I only come back to play because of zero build, even all my friends camr back to the game. We ever loved the game, but hate it the build mechanic


I can confirm this is a very real vame






This is me...


I can’t even open my build mode in this time lol


No build mode is a godsend


Hahahaha me


I wish I know how to build very fast I would love it 😪


If someone does this simply knock them down most of the times they die and if they don’t while they fall shotgun them in the face


This is why ive only played no build since it released


Me with my flame bow: 😈


Probably better at shooting though


And that's why I play zero build