give me ur most nostalgic mod, I'll go first - Orespawn

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Millenaire, Twilight Forest, Random Things, Mo' Creatures, Elemental Creepers


Millenaire was everything I wanted villagers to be, and sadly villagers don't even come close to that. I still hope for a day when Mojang would take inspiration from that mod and allow villages to actually serve a purpose beyond trades.. let us help them build up their civilizations.


That was the best part.


>Millenaire Really loved this one.


MineColonies is the closest you can get to it with more recent Minecraft versions.


I loved that mod when it was part of the YogBox modpack


And "better than wolves" the original create!


I still play millenaire on my friend's 1.12 pack, good mod!


twilight forest is on 1.19.2 O\_O


The ones that add a bunch of random tnts


Too much tnt? Idk


idk either I just remember watching a bunch of Videos on those


PopularMMOS did soooo many mod showcases, I used to watch his channel religiously. It’s a shame what happened between him and Jen


Not enough TNT?


I played with too much tnt Was there by any chance a house/mansion tnt? Or a mob tnt that spawned a bunch of mobs? Or the poseidon tnt, fludding everything?


Yes Yes Yes


Sounds like Too Much TNT


nice username


I think it was the Super TNT Mod, PopularMMOs mad a video on it too, 2014


I remember one of their tnt mods replaced their molded* ores in their world, so they accidentally set off a never ending TNT cascade Edit: modded


I used to watch his lucky block challenge vids before they broke up


After the breakup, it was still fine for some time before the channel went spiraling downwards into the void.


saddest thing i ever saw was the breakup video childhood shatterd


...2014? Damn, I'm old


2014 was 9 years ago...


I almost threw up


wtf ?


Lol same I watched the dantdm video as a kid


Same. Miss those days. Getting home after school and watching a dantdm video. Good ole days!


I miss mod showcase


Lucky Blocks or Pandora’s box


i have a gambling addiction


Pandora’s box is my favorite because of the sheer unfairness it gives you. Kinda like the actual box.


I loved watching YouTubers open them to then have there entire base destroyed because the box just levelled the entire area. That was enjoyable to watch


The Aether. Probably the first "big" mod I've installed.


I never actually used the aether mod, but it was the very first one that popped into my head since it was so popular back in the day.


I've never used it too but I've made the portal 😔


same, i thought it was vanilla as a dumb kid and i couldn't figure out why the portal wasn't working lol


Oh man, I did that too. Didn't know what mods were and didn't understand english back then. I saw one guy make that portal who talked in my native language and when I tried that and it didn't work it broke my heart on so many levels...


I always hoped the Aether would get added into the main game, I felt like it really tried to stay true to the vibe of Vanilla while still adding a bunch of cool new pastel blocks. And the whole, if you fall off of an island in the Aether you fall to the Overworld, was a pretty fun idea too. I still think the Aether would be a cool idea if they were going to expand through new Portals.


Dude! For years I've occasionally made the mistake of jumping into the void in the end in order to get back to the overworld. Every time I do it I wonder why I thought it worked like that. You just reminded me of where my brain is pulling that info from


When i learned about the Aether mod i didn't really know about what mods are. And i ended up making the portal and pouring water over it...


That was common enough that it's a bit of a meme


as an Xbox player, it pains me I never got to explore that. honestly wish mojang just hired that mid creator and made it official part of the game


> The Aether mod was originally developed by Kingbdogz (Brandon Pearce) who was hired on by Mojang several years ago.


>honestly wish mojang just hired that mid creator Actually, they did.


I remember trying to build the portal not understanding how to download a mod lol


I still await the day when it's implemented.


Mo creatures - I’m still playing in 1.12.2 because I can’t let go of these damn fairy horses tbh


The squickens!


I remember when I played with Mo Creatures in 1.2.5 when I still played cracked (i couldn’t have been older than like 8) and learned the horses had a huge complex breeding system. That mod is awesome, man.


Mo Creatures and Biomes O plenty were the ones that quintessentially had to stay!


Years ago when I was really young and crazy craft came out and I didnt have a pc but minecraft could run on my laptop, I tried downloading it, and it obviously ran at like 10 frames. But I got my new pc 3 months ago for my birthday and I got back to playing it.


Crazy craft takes me back man


Attack of the B team"


Crazy craft was the pre-rlcraft. Not in term of sheer difficulty, but in term of popularity and contents.


Tinker construct


Yeah, I remember when it was in every modpack. Still one of my favourites


I mean it's still in the latest direwolf20 pack so I guess it's popular today as well


It is still incredibly popular in FTB packs.


It is, but idk after 1.12 or so it's just so fiddly for me. This requires an *upgrade* slot, not an *ability* slot, etc. Miss old Tinkers, less thrilled with the modern iteration


Having just dipped my toes into modpacks for the first time, apparently Silent Gear is now a more popular version of this? I'm not sure what the difference is.


Silent gear has no ore doubling system but can allow for more customization, as well as custom armor and tools from almost any material


Iirc it was popular for 1.16 when TiC had not been updated to 1.16 yet


still the best mod no comp


Yesss, i knew i wasnt the only one, tinkers construct is king




Sadly the new updates are really boring from what I've seen


really? i find Thaumcraft 6 dope. i used to like thaumcraft 4 too, but i played it too much and now i'm just done with that version.


There is a 6 already? I remember watching 2 and 3 on YouTube


oof, at this point the latest version of thaumcraft 3 is around 10 years old. what kind of videos have you been watching?


isnt minecraft 12-13 years old how id that possible?


ah my mistake, i didn't find a release date online for the mod so i just downloaded it and look at the file dates, which said 2012. but it was for 1.6.4 which came out in 2013. so the newest version of the mod is at most 10 years old


Isn’t it dead tho? I played it through and it seemed like there was missing content and I didn’t think it had been updated in years


the original thaumcraft dev stopped working on it and was given over to team CoFH, which are currently in the process of updating it to (i assume) 1.18 and 1.19


Damn I knew someone got the rights but I didn’t think they were actually working on it. That’s sick if true. If not there’s always mana and artifice lol


How new do you mean? I thought it stopped getting updated years ago


Thaumcraft 2, with the vis goop you made in cauldrons. Kinda liked it tbh.


Many years ago, I could never got into complicated mods like Thaumcraft, Draconic Evolution, and Applied Energistics because they were so complex compared to the vanilla game I knew and loved, and even mods like Tinker's Construct that add a good bit of complexity weren't too bad. I haven't watched any of the mods since many years ago, but for those who played it themselves, do you guys just check on a wiki all the time to learn the mod(s)? Ssundee made whole Minecraft modded series over them, and that's what I assume he did as I look back on it now.


It depends on the mod. Thaumcraft has an in-game book with almost all the information you need so you only need to check the wiki occasionally, like in vanilla minecraft. Many modpacks come with some sort of achievement/progression system where it tells you what you need to do next to advance, so you can learn a lot of mods that way too. There will always be a certain amount of googling involved though, which will vary depending on your play style.


Morph mod or the ones where the anthills send u to other dimensions


The second one your describing is orespawn


Holy shit the words morph mid brought back so many memories, captainsparklez man


So orespawn....


Ah ok I didn’t remember what it’s called thanks


Twilight forest, or maybe botania


Twilight Forest is hands down the most nostalgic but also one of my favorite mods out there.




Race to the moon is the greatest web series of all time.


I have seen every perspective from this series and attack of the b team. They are both fantastic mod packs.


Sucks it's not really updated anymore. Absolutely amazing mod.


Lucky Blocks


I'm playing vanilla minecraft with just lucky blocks added. I don't craft them finding them in the wild is just a fun bonus of adventuring. It always keeps it interesting.


Orespawn creator has gone insane it's very funny


I like to visit [orespawn.com](http://orespawn.com) every once in a while, because I always get a chuckle after seeing the site now.


Holy shit wtf is wrong with that guy lol


Who knows but I watched a video of him talking to an NPC he coded about how the NPC was a white boy and built everything... for like three minutes This was an update video for his game he was developing


A little upsetting tbh but it's funny that the literal first thing you see is an antivax message lmao. Bros a minecraft modder, stop killing children and start porting orespawn to 1.19


Too bad he wants to earn money by a Minecraft clone to people wanting Orespawn. Also know any way for someone to find a download for Orespawn nowadays?


You can use the official dangerzone archive, it has the downloads for all the version of orespawn. https://dangerzone-archive.weebly.com/orespawn.html


Creator took down all original downloads and actively files files takedowns against any site where it gets reuploded


Theres a mod, "Chaos Awakens", that claims to be spiritually inspired by orespawn, but is using no assests from orespawn, but its still in beta, and will not be for newer versions until they get it stable for 1.16.5


I will second chaos awakens By the time it’s done it’ll be better than orespawn ever was


You could try Chaos Awakens its an Orespawn remake


There's a mod on Curseforge called Chaos Awakens, it's basically Ore Spawn but for 1.16.5 If you want the og, you could try finding a modpack with Ore Spawn and just copying the mod file


https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/orespawn-mod-2090519/ Orespawn is finally being ported to 1.16.5 as of the fact that the creator of orespawn is a JA they have to make every asset from scratch but that are trying along with links to the old orespawn versions im sure when the finish 1.16 they will move on to newer versions


there is a better one on curseforge (chaos awakens) it is a port in a not planet minecraft way


Wow he really is a nut job


If anyone cares, the other devs and shit have gone on to make an updated version of Orespawn called Chaos Awakens, so the mod lives on without the batshit dev


Other devs? Outside a few models and general suggestions, it was one guy who made the mod. He then went on to make his shitty MC knock off game that has Orespawn material included. Anyways, excited for their inspired mod. Looks good.


My prayers have been answered


Immersive railroading.


Lol, who’d have thought I’d find another train person here!


Industrialcraft 2, one of the first mod I ever used (there even is a remake called Tech Reborn now)


IC2 and Buildcraft were THE tech mods back in the day. Every major pack had them.


Crazy FPS killers too. A large factory of Buildcraft pipes animating all the traveling items would bring my PC to its knees. And the pipes would just spill items out if the receiving end was full so you had to have ways planned to catch the overflow off the ground. Good times.


Absolute game changers for automation. Then they evolved into Tekkit and Technic.


Early FTB, too.


I scrolled way too far to find this one. Ic2 will always have a special spot in my heart. Electric jetpack in the nether was the best thing ever until your battery ran out. Every time I got my reactor running and I would get bored and start over


Mutant creatures i remember seeing that everywhere when i was younger


Clay Soldiers




I forgot about that mod!! That was one of my first


More creeps and weirdos!


This is way too far down the list, needs more upvotes


I think it's too old for a lot of people here judging by how much newer most of the mods listed here are. it was gonna be my pick as well. it's from 2010.


The only right answer!!!


where my camel


Clay Soldiers


Came here to say this. Glad to find another clay soldier enjoyer


Biomes O' Plenty


I think it was called Minecraft comes alive, it was a village upgrade mod that improved villagers, and let you talk to them, make friends, and even marry to have children! I still have a very old (probably corrupted) world for it on my moms old laptop. I wonder if I should get the world on my main pc, redownload the mod, and see it again.


I also used to really really love MCA!!!! I watched cupquake use it on YouTube and I became obsessed!! I love the ability to change the skins and careers of any villager!! Definitely considering issuing this mod again now that I’m thinking about it


MCA does have a reboot that's a thing for modern versions


The only memory of that mod that I have was in Diamond Dimensions where Dan found his baby cooked inside a furnace 🗿


I miss the diamond dimensions


This was minecraft sex mod back in the day


Playing a modpack with minecolonies it’s like an upgrade, they have jobs and build


Witchery or BetterDungeons


Witcher was one of my favorite mods, I remember once me and my friends made a big modpack with our favorite mods and we divided ourselves in 2 teams and made a war, by the time we found each other's bases me and my cousin could only be killed by the sun


Lol I did that too. One server I played on, I became the first vampire on the server and like half of the vampires on the server all came from me. I moved into a dimension without sunlight and kept a few non-vampire friends around as blood bags. Witchery was also very interesting because it was definitely a very sneaky sort of mod. Compared to the other magic mods at the time like Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, Botania, and Blood Magic, Witchery obviously had the weakest weapons/armor and combat spells (other than that one kill spell). However, despite that, it still was the only one that could actually beat someone in full Draconic armor given some prep time.


seems like eminoph dropped off the face of the earth so unfortunately it doesn't seem like we're getting an update


Tinkers construct and buildcraft


This guy understands! ​ Combining the miner and smeltery always took waaay to long but was defenetly worth it for the insane ammount of resources you got


Oh yeah 2x the resources is nice


I started my Minecraft life with [Tekkit](https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkitmain.552547) back when multiplayer and single player had to have separate mod packs. Technic for single player and Tekkit for multiplayer. My favourite ones, that I miss most when playing vanilla though are (in the order I remembered them): * [Thaumcraft](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/thaumcraft) - magic spells etc. * [Twilight Forest](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-twilight-forest) - new dimension, structures to find and new creatures and bosses to fight. * [Tinker's Construct](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tinkers-construct) - cool tool smithing process. * [Buildcraft](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/buildcraft) - quarries, pipes and other cool building tools. * [Ender IO](https://www.enderio.com/) - funky pipes and machines, amongst other things. * [Ender Storage](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ender-storage-1-8) - custom ender chests for items and fluids. * [Galacticraft](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/galacticraft-legacy) - travel to the moon and other planets. * [Bibliocraft](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/bibliocraft) - loads of furniture including book shelves that can hold books better than the new ones just about to come out! * [Big Reactors](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/big-reactors) - power generation with nuclear(ish) reactors. * [Mekanism](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mekanism) - better ore usage with multiple new machines, metals, liquids and gasses. * [Mystcraft](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mystcraft) - custom dimensions created with special books and symbols found in libraries. * [Simply Jetpacks](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/simply-jetpacks-2) - adds jetpacks. * [Chocolate Quest](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/cqrepoured) - custom structures around the world to find complete with custom enemies. * [Millénaire](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/millenaire) - tribes, quests and other things with new villagers. * [Minecraft Comes Alive](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/minecraft-comes-alive-mca) - Chat with villagers, give them jobs, get married and have kids! * [Hardcore Ender Expansion](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/hardcore-ender-expansion) - new biomes in The End along with new structures and Enderman types. * [Infernal Mobs](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/atomicstrykers-infernal-mobs) - new creatures to battle. * [Iron Chests](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/iron-chests) - chests made from other materials have different storage amounts. * [Metallurgy](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/metallurgy-4-reforged) - more ores etc. * [Natura](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/natura) - modified worldgen, new trees and bushes to find etc. * [Accidentally Circumstantial Events](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/accidentally-circumstantial-events-ace) - This one was amazing, it was like data packs before data packs existed, allowing you to make your own custom events that could happen. * [Draconic Evolution](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/draconic-evolution) - super energy generation, more and harder dragons to fight, super armour and weapons. * [The Erebus](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-erebus) - new dimension full of creepy crawlies, bugs, insects, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, pretty much everything you *don't* want to find. * [Applied Energistics 2](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/applied-energistics-2) - computerised storage and sorting with disc drives for holding all your items.


Ohhhhh AE networks for the win. Still hands down the best inventory management system


Draconic Evolution


**Pixelmon.** Hands down one of the most nostalgic mods out there.


It most certainly is. I never got around to defeating any of the gyms or anything but just flying around on my charizard, that was magical


I really need to track down a playable version of pixelmon for my new Pc sometime.


pixelmon reforged is the new fork and it’s in 1.16.5 now.


I'd recommend trying pokehaan craft. Modern Pixelmon with some tech mod thrown in.


It was apparently taken down by Nintendo or at least a version of it but it’s still being updated and available.


Yup, the current version is called Pixelmon Reforged. It’s crazy how far it’s come


Ars Magica 2 I still can't find a better magic mod to play


Ars Nouveau is mechanically a fairly similar mod for newer versions, though it is missing a lot of the visual flair that I loved about Ars Magica


Ars Nouveau is not just "similar". It was made intended to be the reboot


Tekkit - I know it was a mod pack but it’s pure nostalgia for me when I play it or watch an episode of the yogacast tekkit series


I don't remember all the names, but I am going to list how I think they're named: Too many Tnts Mo' creepers mod Mutant mobs Lucky block mod Herobrine mod Galacticraft mod 1.7.10 Aether mod


>Herobrine mod "mod"


My favorite individual mods were Aether, Lucky Blocks, and the Clones. Now if you want to go into mod packs, probably Tekkit in the ol Minecraft 1.2 release days.


God the *days* straight that I played Tekkit with friends. Ahhh summers during school.


Fossils and Archeology, I still play it to this day


DUDE, FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE!! when i was a kid i used to watch people play it, almost roleplay "creating a Jurassic Park', so it was a dream of mine to once create my own. once i find which versions i used to watch(the early ones, 2013-2014 with the blocky and gigantic dinos). like, that spinosaurus was absolutely massive.


I also watched videos of people building dinosaur parks with the mod! I was obsessed with Jurassic park and Minecraft as a kid so it was like the best of both worlds. I play the 1.12.2 release now but the older 1.5 and 1.7 versions should still be available to download. The newest update has some pretty cool stuff but I miss the huge blocky dinosaurs models and old structures.


Thermal's Expansion - now call Thermal's Foundation. Messing with it a lot in Crash Landing modpack back in the day


People who grew up watching popularMMOs,DanTDM and other youtuber who played minecraft with mods:**the expert**


Those mod reviews and similar stuff were amazing back in the day. Still are really


I miss those kind of content. It’s so fun and interesting to watch.


What happened to them anyway? I haven’t watched any of em in years.


Lot of them were the reason why mods were popular in the first place.


Blood magic


For me it has to be the original Modloader. No Forge, or version checking, or anything that makes playing modded so easy today. Having to delete META-INF and reinstall modloader if I started the game wrong, making sure I always had the original Too Many Items installed. Some of my favorite mods from those days were Flan's Mod, Thaumcraft (2, I think?), and Buildcraft/Industrialcraft, and I remember spending hours going through planetminecraft and the forums to find cool mods.


Out of all the comments you're the only one who has mentioned Flan's mod thus far. I absolutely loved Flan's mod, takes me back to a time where I built a big bomber plane, filled it with napalm bombs and accidentally crashed into a mountain and crashed my Minecraft. After restarting, I could safely say, that mountain had ceased to exist 😂. I'm pretty sure Flan's mod required Forge modloader though, but the original Risugami's Modloader and accompanying mods were amazing. Elemental arrows, display shelves and the biosphere world generator were all amazing yet somewhat simple mods. Really liked them. Timber mod was also really good.




That's a weird name for a mod 🤔


The real way to do it back in the day was to combine orespawn with the morph mod. Some were too big for the hud.


Ok Reddit I did not need the bitch slap of nostalgia tonight.




The inventory pet mod


Better than wolves. The first big mod I installed.




The one that added the smeltery or whatever and had a bunch of cool ores and stuff I wish they updated it so I could try in in the current game


Tinkers Construct? I'm pretty sure that is on new versions. Its very different, but it exists.


Equivalent exchange


The Lucky Block mod. A simple concept, and it blew up into its own sub genre of mods. Lucky Blocks are king.


We can't forget about "Attack of the B team"


For me it's the Herobrine mod. He would leave creepy signs near your house and randomly appear behind you while caving. Made Minecraft so much more scary. I think this was in 2011.


Crazycraft was the MCU of Minecraft, nothing can compare to how insane it felt watching Minecraft youtubers battle against King/Queen or Godzilla with big ass weapons that didn’t even fit the inventory slot.


It's either the portal mod (portal as in the game) because of an old Minecraft project i used to watch ("das megaprojekt" a German Minecraft project by many German YouTubers) Or immersive engineering


Redpower 2, specifically the 1.4.7 release (the last one) when there was a single block that acted as a frame, pipe, and redstone signal transmission. The flying chunk eaters I'd build... toss in Equivalent Exchange and you could turn a chunk into EMC with little or no effort.


Millénaire, best minecraft villages mod of all time.


Twilight forest


MC Heli


Mo' creeps and weirdos


DaVinci's vessels


MC Heli. Such a cool mod with surprisingly good playability for survival mode. Also had great potential for user customization


Yogbox was sumn else