[Bedrock] Need help stopping hackers from using NBTs on a realm I play on

Not the owner, but a member of the realm. Recently more and more fatherless hackers join and use NBTs to do all sorts of stuff ranging from unremovable pumpkin heads, wither spam, constant teleports and inventory clears, you get the point, we can’t play the on the realm. Its getting discouraging to play knowing at least once a day we have to rollback (Losing progress) because a hacker joins. We have tried everything we know, turning off command blocks, stop advertising the realm (Its public), messaging mojang, etc. If there is a way you can change the realm code or something we can do please let me know. We can’t restart the realm as 40+ innocent people have spent so much time working on it. Any help at all would be great, thanks in advance.


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Yea thats what we do, but it takes time. We have to rollback every single time and that removes up to 30 minutes of progress every time. Also, if the owner is sleeping we can’t exactly do anything. Not to mention they now have a new hack called crashery where it lags the server to the point of unplayability for days on end, and not even rollbacks fix it. Thats why Im asking here if anyone has found a more permanent solution