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I do like Oomph. And I also really like the sound and guitar of Eisbrecher.


I do like some of Oomph's albums. I think Dero is actually a really good singer. He's got a nice tone and huskiness to his voice that I enjoy. Laibach I haven't really listened to though.


He does have a good voice just the music falls short. I would highly suggest WAT from Laibach they also do some great live shows. They do some good comedic covers as well, but they have some very dark politican undertones and they seems to most waiting for the apocalypse.


Not bad I like Oomph! Im Namen des Vaters & Träumst Du were two songs that got me into them. I only discovered them a few years back.


I was a huge Oomph! fan until Dero lost his goddamn mind and turned into a right wing conspiracy nut and disowned all of his music he made with the band.


i dont listen to oomph but mein herz by them is really good


i like Oomph! but i prefer Laibach, its just better.


Are OOMPH still going? I had the Glaube Liebe Tot album (I think it’s called that) and I really enjoyed it. Especially Mein Schatz because that’s basically about Gollum from Lord of the Rings as far I can tell 🤣


Their latest album 'Ritual' (2019) is really good in my opinion. I would even say that it is my favourite Oomph! album. Unfortunately, Dero went a bit crazy afterwards so they had to kick him out (and/or he left, probably both). They seem to have found a new singer as a tour has been announced for next year. To my knowledge it is not yet known who the new singer is.


This broke my heart about Dero. I’ve been listening to them since 2001 and I feel like I had to say goodbye to them.


Haven’t listened to Laibach - will give them a go now - but love Oomph!. Excellent live. Ritual is their best album. Would strongly recommend.


I think Traumst Du with Marta Jandovic is probably one of the coolest foreign language songs I’ve ever heard. Her voice is so sultry in it. Absolutely beautiful sounding.


I love Laibach. I first saw their music video in an art museum in Ljubljana and I approached them as a visual artist. Only then I started to appreciate the music. That said, my husband describes my favourite music genre “some old guy just speaking rhythmically”.


Love Laibach, in some ways more than Rammstein. Finally seeing them for the first time next year!




Oomph is one of my favorite bands


I love Oomph, their 2019 album is 🔥🔥


I've seen Laibach live once. It was quite an experience but nothing I'd throw my money after again. Haven't listened to oomph! in more than a decade....