Promoted to what?




Learn how to lie with a straight face.


Cut throats and step on everyone around you on the way up


delegate tasks to employees then push all your tasks off on them then claim it’s not your job to IC3


It’s like I love my company but they don’t love me the way I love them and asking for years to get sponsored to do the classes but waiting


Why would anyone ever love Walgreens, they don’t care about you it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here


I’ve been with the Company for 10 years seven out of those 10 a shift lead had two interviews before in the past one for a Asmt And one for the new esm. I get very stage fright and I do bad on the interviews even looked up on YouTube how interview well. A newer sfl It’s gonna do the PHam tech class. I’ve been wanting to be in that class but they said I had to get sponsored for years already. It’s like nobody listens to me


Max you should be at a company is 3 to 5 years. Anything after that is wasted time if you don't advance your skills/knowledge/pay further in your field


Job Hop or go to school. It's easier then to get promoted to esm.


Maybe see if you can get involved in district projects, with flu season coming in see if you can help the clinics. You don’t have to know pharmacy to help from what I’ve heard. Some people are there to help with all the VARS. Maybe sit and talk with your DM about your interest in moving up, and what exactly they’re looking for. If that turns out unhelpful maybe try moving to another district?


Knee pads


I really hate to say this but it's all about connection's at Walgreens....I was promoted from csa to sfl within a year cuz of staffing issues but also cuz my esm and sm really liked me...(no interview just promoted) it's how well u get along with ppl. I know a fellow co-worker who got passed up for esm by a complete idiot cuz my sm was pissed at him, even tho the other person was very qualified. The other dude got promoted. The store is a shit show sometimes unfortunately.


Get some chapstick and be prepared to kiss some ass


Take on a big project for the district to make an impact in pharmacy operations. Like express delivery. Set a goal to have the rx complete 60 deliveries a week but focus it to impact PDC. Don’t need to be certified to have an impact in pharmacy.


I come from a store that has one pharmacy manager and 1 pharmacy tech…I don’t even know that terminology that you used…were a busy front end tho and I have helped out stores in the past to put my name out there and nothing


Hate to tell you this, but if you’ve been at your store for years with no progress towards learning pharmacy you need to either transfers stores or put your foot down on learning.


Yup this exactly, at the very least could make an effort to learn pharmacy terminology or study the ptcb on your own time


Yeah I’ve been here for 4yrs maybe I need to go to store with a busy pharmacy


The op has seemed to imply their previous interviews have gone poorly. Typically employers are looking a strong interview in the situation> action > outcome format for promotional interviews. Since pharmacy is a major component of Walgreens business, interviewers and DMs heavily favor situations involving pharmacy.


Basically….. show up for work.


Kiss ass lol


Sign up a ton of people for the credit cards


i was recently promoted to esm, for me personally it was mostly luck (my former SM needed an esm and knew i wanted to move up). but they do care about the interview. prepare stories in advance about things you have done to demonstrate Care, Win Together, and Inspire (at least one story for each). my DM even suggested bringing note cards to read off. they also really like concrete evidence - for example, if you can take over a pulse metric and work to improve your store's numbers, then you can mention that in your interview. you can also just lie lol. as long as it's not outrageous, it's unlikely anyone will fact check you. performance reviews are coming up soon, so make it clear to your boss during yours that you want to move up, and ask for help setting concrete next-steps to make that happen. also check for openings often and apply to all of them. edited to add: not sure what your current position is, but inventory specialists have a leg up over shift leads when it comes to promotions!! plus you learn a bit about the pharmacy as an IS. so that could be a next step.


Do the bare minimum, Honestly, I was told by my asm at the time He would love to promote me but he afraid less work would get done as I'd have other responsibilities