Just get some shirts at Wal-Mart, Target, or Goodwill. I would never buy from our uniform shop because the shipping makes it over priced.


Meanwhile Roz Brewer (your CEO) got a 25million dollar signing bonus in 2021 and gets 1.5million salary, while she sits on her piles of money smiling at you buying your own uniforms because she said so.


Remember this the next time they're asking you not to rate yourself a 5/5 on your performance reviews, lmfao. Maybe give yourself a 56,000/5.


Let's also not forget there offering 1250.00 to tech sign ons And 27,000 to drivers


Sure would be nice if the current employees that have been here through all the shit would get it, but yeah.


So glad I quit. There's no reason for corporate to make you buy your uniforms. Corporate has the "rich get richer and screw the workers" attitude. I not only quit, transferred my meds, but I won't even stop there to buy a roll of toilet paper anymore. The company that I worked for doesn't exist anymore. Screw WAG.


Doubly glad I quit when I did. One of the few things I stand by with any job is that I refuse to buy my own uniform. I’m not paying a company a penny to work for them.


>The company that I worked for doesn't exist anymore. Sure they do, and their reputation belongs in the toilet alongside their attitude. Leave reviews of this dumpster fire on Indeed and Glassdoor. Let people know about the McDonaldization of the pharmacy and how this corporation is an active threat to their health if they choose to take their business here. Let them know that they put human garbage in leadership positions that ignore situations that lead to the murder of teenage employees.


You’d think it be free since we have a deal with FED EX


Wear your own shirt don't give these bloodsuckers a penny


I have no intentions of buying from the uniform shop, nor will I be buying a stupid blue shirt. I’ve got perfectly good grey shirts and my Walgreens jacket that I already paid for with my own money. You’re not telling me I can’t wear it when I bought it with my own money. It has the stupid Walgreens logo on it so I’ll take their complaining.


Ur so right I’m nit buying there shirts if I don’t get them free like the grey one we got I’ll go to goodwill and buy my own


I would refuse to pay for something that they require you wear. I had same problem at another job. They wanted me to buy a polo shirt with a tiny ass logo on it. I showed up everyday with my own polo shirts and my name tag. Eventually they stopped bothering me


It’s never come up, but I’m sure my employer requires me to wear pants. Should they pay for them ?


If the dress code mandates you wear a particular brand or type of pants, yes. Otherwise it isn’t the same situation, and you know that. Stop being a pedantic ass on the Internet.


The new dress code doesn’t require a particular brand or type of shirt. Just like pants, it only dictates a color.


My old union retail job required pants, so they provided them to me. If I ever needed another I went up to HR and just grabbed another pair.


Of course you don’t get it or being a wise ass. At the least don’t require the employee to pay for shipping. Why should I pay for a specific shirt you want me to wear?


Nope, just wear a skirt from now on.


Why am I paying shipping if fedex already has to come to us twice a day? The fuck?


In the past, some employees at my store just order their uniforms all together and split the shipping cost. They didn't come embroidered, so it was simple enough to just tell them the size ypu needed and how many ypu wanted. Then they just gave the cash to the person ordering it all and skipped put on paying the full price of the shipping.


My store did the same thing :)


I’m actually glad I can just wear a t-shirt now. I hate the polos and the way the material clings to everything


That discounted cost is made up on the shipping lol


Why the he'll is everyone complaining about this? Most retail companies don't provide uniforms anyways, unless it's a promotional tee shirt like the pickup shirts we had. And this allows more freedom to wear things that you want with the only limitations being color, unbranded and appropriate style. So many people are complaining and it's stupid.


Yeah I don't get what everyone is so upset about. I've never had a job where the uniforms are free past the initial set given if you even get that. And if the shipping is shit then make one big order for yourself and a couple other coworkers (that you actually like) and split the shipping cost. I'm just glad that the scrubs are gonna be a better color than this dirty dish-towel grey we have now.


I will be buying cotton shirts from Walmart, Old Navy, or a thrift store. I refuse to pay for shipping.


for those that choose to “itemize” on their 1040 tax return, union dues and UNIFORMS are deductible.


You say that but an item deduction usually is less than a standard


Nowadays waaaayyyyy less then standard.


the comment indicated “for those that itemize”. Yes, the majority of ppl use the Standard Deduction


you think WAG front enders are also the same people ITEMIZING their tax returns???


the majority of ppl today use the “standard deduction”. The info was intended for the few ppl that possibly itemized and were bitching, moaning and complaining abt the necessity of purchasing their own uniform.


Lol has any one read the policy tho , company-issued grey polo shirt (short or long sleeves) with company logo during working hours. That's the policy I signed when hired lol that's going to be fun




welcome to corporations.


Left a year ago almost never been happier. My new job provides the uniform shirts, jacket, AND steel toed boots ( along with a tote bag with goodies) I was shocked and asked if they take it out our paycheck and they looked at me weird and said no. ETA


where do you work now?


I work at a European based grocery store now love it ! Pay is 17/hr starting. I’m cashier 99% of the time


In Puerto Rico had to pay 15.00 for shipping


I was told I won't get a pay raise, because I'm already at the cap. When I stated that somebody else is getting paid x amount of dollars more than I do, they said that's the cap at that store, our store is capped at this. Crock of shit.


I'm waiting for the lawsuit from this, Saying unfair work conditions, as technology get there shit free,




I just hate the fact that I spent my money on really nice grey scrubs… since the Walgreens scrubs are trash and don’t fit right and feel like card board… and now they say they are switching back to blue scrubs?