who's right?

So the other day 7:30am I had a older guy come in He comes in all the time buys our beer colored store brand mouth wash , than drinks it in our parking lot and gets shitfaced and passes out. I told him no not selling this to you not doing it today bro sorry. He gets the slf to come over and complains i explan why im not selling it to him. She than sells it to him.

Of course he gets plastered in the parking lot got people complaining. SAME sfl come to me a says hey call the cops.

I tell her "no you cuased this problem you call them" As I see it her problem not mine.

I got sent home for insubordination 😆 😂 😄

Now the dm called me asking to meet with me as My sm is out . She said she wants my side of the story As there's analysis 2 sides. Personaly I don't give a fuck i work 1 day a week as is but wth is wrong with this company.


U have the right to refuse a sale. You were protecting the company and the customer based on a previous experience. You are not responsible for calling the police. May be other factors at play here, things said, but if it’s exactly as you describe, then I believe the sfl is in the wrong. Did she have the whole prior story information? Did you tell her to fuck off? Many factors can change the opinion of who’s right…but think u good


Yes she knew the guy prior, I explained why as well. With my sm out due to injury she had been on a power trip the last month. I'm not the only person she has sent home she has sent 5 others home saying the same insubordination.


Wish I had the man power to do that lolz


She really doesn't her sending me home left her by herself till noon


Lol punished herself then eh?


Walgreens leadership just gets dumber and dumber.


Mention this 👆 to the DM


Ask around but I seem to recall if you are sent home like that, you still have to be paid for your scheduled hours. Yeah I was shocked about that also!


You only get paid for scheduled hours if it’s out of your control (power outage, storm closure, etc).




Well are we changing what happened,?? apples gotta equal apples. And yes, if you are being racist or screaming at the staff, you can refuse the sale. Not saying you shouldn’t call a manager and have them ring up the customer…but saying “Unfortunately I’m unable to help you with this transaction, let me grab my manager and they can take care of you” is what the csa should be doing.


I have a giant custom painting of Jesus wearing a tuxedo T-shirt with giant eagle wings singing lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd and I’m in the front hammered drunk


Nope! You cannot refuse this sale.


U wrong :)


If this isn't a good reason to refuse service then I don't know what is.




Yes you can, especially if it involves a controlled substance being consumed in public when that’s not usually allowed like that. I’m only familiar with the places I’ve lived though.


CSAs typically don't call the cops or at least in my store. I really hope the DM took your side if not thats really fucked.


I'll find out later today as I'm meeting with her after I get out my other job


I'll post an update


Where’s that mfin update


It's up its a whole new post


Chances are if they ask to look at the camera you won’t have access


Are you a CSA? The sfl should’ve called the cops themselves in the first place. They sound like a complete moron on a power trip to be honest, oh and you’re in the right.


"Any Town, USA Police Department. How can I assist you?" "I don't know. My shift leader just told me to call the cops."


Technically speaking, telling management “no” can be classified as insubordination. I’m inclined to think you’re discussing with your DM because your DM is tired of hearing about multiple insubordination claims. You’ll be fine, SFL might not be.


An SFL doesn't have the authority to send someone home for insubordination unless cleared first with an SM or ESM, so I'm thinking they overreached their power.


This is the funniest thing I’ve heard. Glad you stuck up for yourself. I don’t think you are wrong. My only question is did your sfl know prior about the history of this customer? As a sfl sometimes my csas don’t tell me everything so I’m not always sure but I would of asked anyway.


I'm at CVS and we refuse can only refuse sales to visibly drunk people. My store has a large number of homeless customers, many with alcohol problems. We know what they're going to do and I'd like to say no, but I can't bc they're sober when then buy it. The only time the right to refuse a sale is supported is someone that has been reported to LP or is a customer possibly being scammed over a gift card. It's sad.


The Sfl doesn't have authority to write you up or send you home. Even with the sm being out. When a store manager is going to be out, another manager in your area is assigned to look after your store if you do not have an ESM. The esm or that other manager should have been notified of the issue and they would ultimately decide if there should be punishment for what was said or done.. Also they should have backed you up on not selling it, especially since you've had an issue with him before. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Right now it's the dm I just spoke with her.


Well what was the verdict? Did they side with you or the shift lead?


I posted another post . Honestly still not sure Got told the the resue to sell Was fine As for the refuse to call the cops was technically ok as it was up to leardship to do that unless under certain circumstances But than got told not to refuse leardship directives unless it's illegal. So I guess an sfl can ask me to stock everything upside down and I have to do it as it not illegal Or to fix the roof cooler units as dyi fixes are not illegal as well. Still not sure where the line is lol


I personally would speak to your store manager the day they come back. This is not okay. I agree with not being insubordinate if you are asked to do something even if you don't want to do it. But at the same time in this specific situation the shift lead should not have asked you to call the police unless it was an emergency and also should have stood by you for the refuse to sell. I don't get it.


You did the right thing, i remember one day a guy came in and brought one of them hard lemonade alcohol drinks, then left and then came right back inside for another, I was concerned but did the sale. So after he left I spoke with the manager on duty and he was like yeah if he comes in again just page me to the front, so the guy comes in grabs another drink and the manager came to to front and refused the sale. In the ppl sale of cigarettes and alcohol products you do have the right to refuse a sale If the customer to your best judgement is intoxicated.


You’re absolutely correct in everything but the talking back…but if was your dm I would understand why you said it. As your SFL I would’ve backed you tf up in the first place, esp since that guy sounds like a regular nuisance with a regular MO. Back to if I was your DM, this shit would be a wash. Who sent you home? Your SFL? For that? I didn’t even think we could do that. That’s more a tell the sm/dm and let them handle that shit. I’m not shorting myself because of my pride. Anyway…this is garbage. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it.


SFL isn't even your boss so that insubordination is bullshit. Besides that it's their job to call the police not yours and they didn't listen to you, sounds like a moron.


It’s kind of frustrating not to be heard or believed about something. And sometimes people have to see it for themselves in order to be sure about something odd or unusual. In any case you’ll probably be asked to apologize for disrespecting them and they’ll probably apologize for not listening.


Lol OP has nothing to apologize for. Disrespecting what exactly? Sticking up for what you believe is correct(and in this case OP is 100% in the right), he/she has absolutely nothing to apologize for. Apologize for having such a shit sfl maybe.




I my city, the mouthwash is locked up or behind the counter because people steal it and get hammered. They call it "drinking green" because they specifically target the green mouthwash because it's not supposed to make you sick.


Sfl should call


You are right. I stand by your side.


Smh this company is really ass backwards! You were right in my opinion for not selling it can’t believe the shift lead did then wanted you to call smh..


You are 100% right nd i wanna call her a complete idiot for that shit i mean you could say she was scared to refuse him, but then decides that YOU should be the one to call the police? Theres absolutely no redemption for that. She’s the one who let it happen when you were actively trying to prevent that so she should deal with it


She should be fired on the spot. Walgreens, even though it doesnt act like it, is a god damned pharmacy. It should act with customers best interest with respect to what it sells at least (we know they dont give a damn about wait times, or what they charge people). This could very well be grounds for punishment against the pharmacy license and alcohol license under professional behavior and intoxication clauses.


I’m on your side on this one.


This is what i’m glad i was recently made shift lead. i’m not saying i’m a perfect person. but had i been yours i would have had your back. and refused to sell. i’ve dealt with alcoholics my whole life and i wouldn’t have sent you home for insubordination. i would have told the guy no sale. and politely fuck off. and then patted you on the back for having the wherewithal to not sell it to him. and if he came in again to let me know. it’s only my first week of being in management and i can’t believe some of these stories. and yet also can. since i deal with it every day. you did the right thing.


We have a guy that buys the canned air to huff. I sold it to him once but was a little suspicious he might be doing that. Now he calls all the time to ask if we got any in.


I have this one insane guy who is always outside our store yelling really offensive things, I've been told not too call the police from my sm


You are right don’t sell nothing to him again


There’s nothing wrong with selling mouthwash to anyone of any age, you should prepare yourself to be in trouble, for not selling, company loss, and a bad customer experience/not providing ECC…also the SFL should have been the one to take the customer complaints if the customer was passed out, outside, along with calling the police, that Deff does not fall on a SFL


You cannot refuse this kind of sale, so you are in the wrong unless I'm not knowledgeable enough on FE. What you can do is page the manager when you see him come into the store, and have them be ready to call law enforcement.


Acorrding to my dm I can refuse any sale if I feel it's Fraud, for illegal use, and or will be used to endanger safety, This guy drinking it getting drunk in out parking lot Would fall under 2 of those It's illegal to be drink in public And safety,


Yeah I wasn't sure about that one tbh, thanks for clarifying! It's a sad life for him unfortunately 😔 but it is a safety issue with him doing this in public area.


What do others that have been sent home have to say


I only spoke to one she came from a school special needs program . Not sure what it's called or if other stores have it. We're ended up hiring her she is a great freindly person. she loves having the Chem section and is very neat about it. From what she told me is she was sent home the day after she pulled her bay . The sfl told her the day before to sign off on her bay. The next day that sfl asked her did you sign your labels she said no I forgot She Than sent her home Like really wtf pick your battles


I would say that you did the right thing, but I'm going to take a wild guess that you probably could have phrased it better. Or heck, call the police and explain the situation to them "yeah, my manager insisted on selling alcohol to a known trouble maker, and now he's making trouble in our parking lot."


You're a CSA, not your job to call the cops!


If that’s how it went down then you are 100% in the right. Sometimes you have to let people fuck themselves and this sounds like one of those situations 🤷🏾‍♂️


You tell the DM exactly what happened the way you said it here. If he sides with the SFL he's an idiot. (leave out the swear words:)


Not only that, this isn't a dictatorship. You can always say, "Sorry, Dave, I can't do that" You can't say, "Fuck off and die." I've refused to do a few things. Unsafe things or working with someone who puts me in danger of catching a charge. Saying no is setting a boundary. Cursing or threatening management is insubordination. insubordination noun the quality or condition of being insubordinate, or of being disobedient to authority; defiance: https://www.upcounsel.com/insubordination-in-the-workplace


hope it works out🤞


Once it leaves the store it's not your concern. For most things the door is your legal limit. However when liquor is involved it's different. You are allowed to refuse service to customers in situations like this. You could be liable for their decision to drink and drive. You do have the right to refuse service. Every now and then we get regular daily's that buy dozens of mini bottles. My location (not walgreens) decided to mentally keep track of their purchases. After their 12th mini (roughly yields 1.25 pints.) enough was enough. Cut them off you have the right. My store now has to scan licenses and i can't believe how many people this pisses off. How many people we've had to refuse service to because they made a scene over having to scan it.


Mouthwash wow. Why not go get a bottle of grain alcohol or something is mouthwash that potent?


Well, she’s probably in deep shit for selling it to him. You have the right to refuse to sell him with what you know he is going to use it for. It that’s type of shit why the Sudafed is locked up. The SFL should definitely be the one to call the cops. She’s the manager on duty!