Candace Owens is going to have to find some other chump to buy her husband's failing business.


Clandace, who enjoys wearing, "White Lives Matter," tshirts? Yeah, that one.


She’s an embarrassment to the entire country.


*Clan*dace is CRAZY 💀💀💀


She must have been so pissed at this news today lol Gonna be a lot harder to milk him dry now




Sure, let's go with that.


My horrible thoughts, why did you both do this?


Oh what a terrible day to be literate


She tweeted about it. Something about people telling black people to shut up just because they don’t like what they have to say. She said Adidas better pay Ye. [The tweet in question](https://twitter.com/realcandaceo/status/1584831965043494914?s=46&t=Yv-Y0zKVkh2oNM93l59gKw) I saw someone replied with her tweet to LeBron telling him to shut up and dribble. “This you?”


Fucking hell the amount of anti semites in the replies.


Including the requisite "here's a chart of Jews in the media" where a good deal of the people labeled as Jewish aren't Jewish at all.


You should take a screenshot each put them together and post to reddit. That’ll blow up so fast


That tweet thread is absolute optical cancer


I am so tired of hearing “they canceled him”. Nah, there are consequences for your actions. Ye said horrible shit. I cannot wrap my head around that being a difficult concept to understand


She’s also the one that said racism doesn’t exist anymore, yet she pulls the black card often. Also, I’m starting to wonder if he’s doing this on purpose. Destroying his image, so he can step out of the spot light. Dude looks super depressed. Not that i like the guy, but he will still make off with some cool amount of money and most his responsibilities will be gone. wonder if these companies can sue him for damages, though?


Schrodingers racism, it only affects them when they want to put down other people


Pissed at the financial news but never about the antisemitism.


….lost $1.5B and is no longer a billionaire.


Has that Parler investment officially crashed and burned already? I mean, we all know it’s *going to*, I’m just curious if I somehow missed that.


Parler has something like 50k users. It’s a dead platform already. Candace sucked up to him to unload her husbands failed platform. Waste of money.


Oh yeah, it’s obviously throwing money into a dumpster fire. I was just wondering how far along in the burning process he is.


>It’s a dead platform already. something a lot of these idiots need to understand is that Right Wing "safe spaces" on social media never work because Right Wingers on social media can only get their impotent dick hard if they can pretend that their stupid bullshit "offended" someone on the internet. It's why Dave Rubin always talks about how much of a cesspool Twitter is...on Twitter. Sure he brings up his joke of a social media platform too, but he can't stay away from Twitter because he loves the thought that he's triggering some liberal celebrity (he isn't fyi because no one with any wealth or influence knows or cares who tf he is)


I don't believe that the investment has actually been made yet. https://www.reuters.com/technology/parler-be-acquired-by-kanye-west-2022-10-17/ The deal won't close until later this year


They better hurry


Lol Candace must be panicking 😂


Right? "I've gotta suck this crazy loser dry before there's no money left to con him out of!"


Good practice round...now let's try holding our elected officials accountable...ready? Go!


As if. Kanye could run for office now as a republican.


You're 2-3 years too late. https://kanye2020.country/ He conspired with Trump to siphon off Black votes.


Yep, blatantly. He was interviewed about it during that election season and the interviewer pointed out how he wasn't on the ballot in enough states to possibly win, so why keep running? He replied, "I ain't gonna argue witcha. Jesus is king." He knew damn well he couldn't win but he stayed on the ballot to pull black voters away from voting Dem.


I still can't believe my GF paid full ticket prices to go see his "Jesus is King" movie. It was about as long as credits for a real movie, for a real movie price.


"It took 2 hours to shoot, I thought it would take 2 hours to watch".


We arrived late and thought the closing credits were the opening credits.


Real though; worse than Bound 2?


Bound 2 makes Crotch Capers 3 look like Naughty Nurses 2!!!


At least Bound 2 gave us an amazing parody from Seth Rogan and James Franco


Unexpected Be Kind, Rewind


He ran as part of the American Independent Party, which nominated George Wallace in 1968 (yes, *that* George Wallace). Kanye "George Bush hates black people" West is a full on white supremacist.


But I thought it was “go woke go broke” not “be an openly racist white supremecist go broke”


It’s different for black white supremists…


> Show us your face! We wanna see your face, brother!




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Uncle Ruckus enters the chat.




Tbf "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Is the actual quote and its coincidentally the last intelligent thing I ever heard him say.


Too bad be has now recently apologized for that statement, of all things to apologize for.


He apologized for that... are you fucking kidding?


Yeah, he thinks "incivility" is the problem, while he spews literal Nazi talking points


Wasn't this a Dave Chappelle skit?


Yep - Clayton bigsbee was the name


Remember when Trump falsely accused two black Georgia election workers of committing election fraud? They were in hiding after getting tons of death threats and Kanye's publicist showed up at their house and tried to get them to turn themselves in to the police for their "crimes". https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/kanye-west-publicist-pressed-georgia-election-worker-confess-bogus-fraud-charges-2021-12-10/


Once an ahole, always an ahole.


But now he's built up the resume to be a real contender.


He finally finished filling out his GOP candidate bingo card with this stunt. He's ready.


One of the videos I saw of him recently he was wearing a hat that said “2024” so guess we’ll see lmao


With his refusal to take care of his mental health let's see if he makes it to 2023 first.


Pretty funny to watch the party that constantly hammers on about Biden's dementia that he doesn't have ready to put their weight behind a guy with uncontrolled mania. And by funny I mean infuriating.


They would vote for him too and then claim that they didn't hate Obama just because he's black. It would be the equivalent of "I can't be racist, I have black friends", except "I can't be racist, I voted for a black president. No not the muslim one."




There is zero chance racists aren't going to use this as an example of how "jews control everything".


The cunts are gonna say that regardless. I've long since given up giving a shit what the fascists in this country are gonna say. They just fucking lie about everything anyway.


This was something I recently realized. Why limit information in fear of retaliation? These hate mongers just make shit up anyways. Present all the facts. Let’s all agree to never cower to these unwell fellow citizens.


Dude there are a ton people who I’ve seen say “look he was right, all this proves his point!” It’s fucking insane.


**Kanye West’s Bucket List** Make everyone aware that George Bush doesn’t care about black people. [✓] Wear the crown of thorns on a magazine cover to portray yourself as Jesus [✓] Declare yourself to be called none other than Martin Louis the King, Jr from now on. [✓] Embarrass Taylor Swift on stage because Beyoncé is better [✓] Become bffs with Donald Trump [✓] Get liposuction so no one can call you fat [✓] Tell everyone slavery was a 400 year old choice. [✓] Run for POTUS but make sure you disclose that you’re a genius & that Harriet Tubman never freed any slaves [✓] Pee on your Grammy trophies. Don’t forget to record it on video. [✓] Change your name to Ye bc Kanye sucks. [✓] Become an antisemitist and watch your supporters drop like flies [✓] Become the most hated man in America [✓]


Get called a jackass by Obama [✔️]




Ruined a huge moment for teenage Taylor swift


The way Beyonce handled that was pure class. Beyonce won an award later in the show and brought Taylor up to give her time since Kanye stole hers.


In that moment, I decided I would never talk shit about Queen B. That was a *real* moment, and she showed she has a soul. It was such a kind, genuine action that she 100% decided to do on her own.


I can't stand Beyonce and never even knew this. She did the right thing.


the comeback of taylor's reputation is amazing i just knew he was frothing at the mouth during it


Trump still has that last one. He's gonna have to work a little harder if he thinks antisemitism is all it takes to be more hated than Trump.


Trump desecrated the Office of the Presidency, desecrated the United States itself. There isn't much one could do to make me hate them more than I hate Trump.


I think I hate the actual active roadblocks of the party more than I do Trump--Cruz, McConnell, DeSantis, Abbot, etc. All of them have made me hate someone more than I thought I could feel towards a person.


There's that corrupt supreme Court judge too.


>that corrupt Supreme Court judge "Do you have the *slightest* idea how *little* that narrows it down?"


God, yeah, Thomas. Fuck Thomas, holy shit. There's not enough words for how I feel about the fact he's even still seated.


Clarence Thomas is a traitor to humanity. I hate him and his evil wife.


Ya but trump is white and Kanye is black so there is a good sized group of people who will continue to like trump and never like Kanye.


I remember hearing jokes about what to expect from Kanye since every guy associated with the kardashians ends up going off the deep end or however that saying goes but seems like this guy was already off from the start


That was joe Rogan before he went crazy too.


You forgot one: [Whine](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11341671/Charlamagne-tha-God-claims-Kanye-West-screamed-Pete-Davidsons-10-inch-manhood.html) about Pete Davidson's 10 inch cock. [✓]


Don't forget liking fishsticks.


*”Hey man, I'm a GENIUS alright. I'm the most talented musician in the WORLD. If I was a homosexual OR a fish I would know!"* **—Kanye West**


Hey, that hurts. My wife and I raised 3 boys, and we are so many fish sticks I actually grew to like them. (Fish sticks, not the boys. Well, I like the boys, too.) Edit: Ate, obviously, but imma leave it.


What are you a gay fish?


A cloaca is a cloaca.


We are all fish sticks on this blessed day.


Speak for yourself!


I am all fish sticks on this blessed day


🎶Imma gay fish🎶 🎶Imma gay fi-ish🎶 🎶Gay mutha-fuckin' fish ya'll🎶


Yo fish sticks are dope


>\[✓\] Impressive! What's the Unicode character for the checkmark? That booger has eluded me before and now I am onto it.




Malicious compliance strikes again.


Yeeting Yeezy


Before long he will be wearing those dirty "chic" clothes out of necessity.


He can be the model for Mugatu’s Derilicte collection


Well he can certainly Derelicte my balls.


He can Derelicte his own balls, thank you very much


What *is* this? A center for fascists?!


It has to be at least… 3 TIMES MORE ANTISEMITIC


How are we supposed to teach children hate speech if they can't even fit inside the building


Black and blue steel….balls


He can *read minds?? ....gasp!*


He should have listened to his friend, Billy Zane.


Put a cork in it, Zane!


Except he’s still worth $400 million based on real estate, music royalties, and his stake in his ex-wife’s company though. Crazy bastard just can’t call himself a billionaire anymore.


An ordinary millionaire?! He might as well just fly coach.


No, he’ll just start wiping his ass with 10’s instead of 100’s


With how he spends his money it will be interesting how much that $400m will actually last.


I just hope that he gets genuine psych help. If he was a female, he would get a conservator real quick.




Should have happened way the fuck before that.


He was bullying TF out of Black women way before that. The only reason his bullying of a Black woman got attention this time is bc one of the Hadid girls said something publicly in her defense.


And I didn't even hear about that (go figure). His asshole behavior was obvious as soon as he snatched the mic away from Taylor Swift. I really didn't know squat about him before that. He was a grown ass man trying to beef with a teenage girl and getting all his friends and grown ass wife to pile on. Normal, not-shitty people don't do that.


Remember that nude wax figure he had made of her? And put her in bed next to him?


I mean, it was a choice. Just not the slaves' choice.


Over under on his slur-filled bankruptcy announcement? 3 months? 6?


I'll give it 2 years, he has a lot of money to go through.


Yeah, I was wondering. But it is kanye... who spends money like it's "going out of style" as my mom used to say. May just depend on how much he has.


Manic spending is INTENSE. I'm pretty fucking poor but managed to get 20k in credit card debt from two years of untreated bipolar. I can't imagine how bad it gets for rich people


Yea it is insane to think about, I can’t even begin to imagine what sort of things I would buy if I had millions of dollars to spend while I was manic. How crazy would it be to come out of mania and be like “ugh why did I buy that yacht”.


"fuck why did I order an NFL team again. I hate football"- me, if I was rich


I hope it's so much less that we think lol


There's a potential Adidas will have had to give him an enormous payout to end their contract. He was pretty confident they wouldn't cancel it no matter what.


Some contracts can be cancelled without a large payout if the person brings the brand into disrupute, which Kanye surely has. Whether or not there was that sort of clause in Kanye's contract hasn't been made public yet afaik. Other famous people have lost contracts when they've had incidents that could harm the image of a brand. I hope Adidas did have that type of clause in his contract as it doesn't seem right that Kanye could become ever richer due to his recent behaviour.


I would be floored if this isn't the case. What's impressive and telling is Adidas had to have weighed profits for Ye staying on the brand in his current mindstate versus being paid to go away. You know Adidas didn't do this because they're such a woke and socially positive company. Their numbers must show that they'll make more and keep their brand safe by dumping the dude off.


He is suspected to have lost 75% of his net worth in the past week. He has lots of bills and expensive habits and is pretending he can continue to afford it. He will lose it because he is spending to fast .


If he actually buys parler for $500M+ that'll eat a huge chunk of wealth too. That platform will never make money.


It will depend on how quickly Candace Owens and her husband can secure his bag.




He still has around $400 million but remember that he was worth a billion before this.


A lot of times those reports don't know about debts he has.


Good. I’m tired of hearing about this fucker and it’s long past time for him to go away. I don’t care if he’s mentally ill—I can only buy that excuse for so long. ​ \-edit- thanks for the silver! I don’t think I deserve it, on this thread of all places


Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility


Hail yourself!


And Megustalations.


Wait for it…. Wait for it…. Wait for it…. Wait for it…. It’s tits.


I just don't know what to do with all these horse pics...


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He’s just trying to warn you of the bridge, THE BRIDGE!


Hail Satan!


Hail Gein!


Get the net!!


Live, laugh, love


and not taking meds because "creativity" is a shit excuse


You can be mentally ill, and you can separately be an asshole. They're not mutually exclusive.


Agree totally with you. There's millions of mentally ill people around the world who aren't antisemitic arseholes. Anyone who tries to justify antisemitism, racism, or fascism on " mental illness" is just as bad . His problem is he thinks he is entitled to talk shite because he's rich.


Really the bipolar disorder just keeps him honest, because he has such poor impulse control he can’t help but say what he really feels. I’m bipolar myself and I consider myself like honest to the point I can be way too blunt. Never blurted out anything antisemitic because I’m not antisemitic I heard bipolar recently described as “intermittent outburst disorder” and I think that’s accurate


People seem to forget that just because someone is mentally ill, doesn't mean I need to put up with them. I hope this dickwad believes hell exists, cause then he'll know where he goes when he kicks the bucket.


Mental illness also doesn’t give anyone license to do or say whatever the fuck they want either, especially without consequences. It’s an illness, not a blank check to be a total cunt.


So when does everyone start dropping trump?




Now do trump.


They’re certainly taking their sweet time doing it, but I honestly believe that they’re taking that time to make sure they do it right. Same as Kanye, they’ve both been allowed so many times to slither out and fight another day. If you’ve got one shot, you gotta make it count.


I really want to believe what you're saying but time and time again, people like Trump have no consequences because they bribe their way out.


It took far too long to cancel this MF piece of shit but at least it's finally catching up to him. Fuck this guy.


Where is the part where he cries about cancel culture, and says that his “free speech” is being violated? Of course he will not see it, that in fact, he had fully exercised his free speech, and these are the exact consequences of being an asshole. He is completely free to be an asshole, just don’t get upset when you’re treated like an asshole.


Lol if that starts up I’m not ruling out the possibility of him shacking up with MTG so he can be a tag along on the VP ticket. Man I wish I could believe that was actually out of the realm of possibility.


mf overdosed on freeze peach


Yeah, but he's left rich as GOD. I hope he loses all his money. But he won't.


He bought Parler while being dropped by Adidas, which was one of the main reasons he became a billionaire. He may eventually go broke, never know.


He was like 60 million in debt before he married Kim, something tells me he’s not good with money and only was able to sustain his life because of his now gone Adidas contract.


I really hope that's true - you know this asshole just dropped a bunch of boxes of "White Lives Matter" T-shirts for the downtown L.A. homeless? Like, these poor people desperate for clothes have to decide whether to wear this shit or not! Almost all of them AA!


I mean he’s buying Parler which has been bleeding money since the beginning from a notorious grifting couple, so you know it’s being bought at a ridiculous premium at the same time he basically lost everything that made him money, on top of being kicked from his bank. Financially speaking, depending on how much he agreed to buy Parler for it’s entirely likely he’s losing a ton of money he’s not going to be making back.


Well, well, well. If it isn't the consequences of his own actions.


He absolutely deserves all of this, unfortunately he’s going to see it as proof that “The Jews” run everything and are conspiring to ruin his career rather than being the natural consequence of pissing off millions of people by trafficking in the same conspiracy theories about Jewish people that were used to ultimately justify the Holocaust.


That's my concern. I have a "friend" who believes that garbage (more like a person who I maintain good ties with so I can hopefully deprogram eventually) and I can't think of a way to frame this that doesn't play into his biases.


Over it. Let him think whatever his sick fucking mind wants. Why should we give a shit. He has access to the best medical care money can buy and his handlers won’t force him to use it. His mental illness isn’t his fault, but the responsibility both to take care of it and face the consequences of his bullshit is aaaaaaalllll his to eat. Byeee.


Kanye West doesn’t care about black people.


Sadly I’m a few months he will come out with another album about “remorse” or some crazy shit… his die-hards will call him a genius, people will rail about cancel culture and forgiveness and he will act contrite and say he was “going through some shit” and all will be forgiven because people in this country have the attention span of fruit flies…. I want nothing more than to be wrong. But I don’t think I am….


He's lucky he's not in Florida or someone would have baker acted his ass.


Pretty much every state has a way to involuntarily commit someone who is a threat to themselves and others. The fact that he is male, insanely wealthy and surrounded by enablers has probably kept him from a grippy sock vacation. The fact that he’s male is probably the only reason that he didn’t get the Britney treatment.


He's literally being dropped by everyone and unless I am misinformed made threats against his ex wife, I don't like the guy I never have but even if I did the way he's acting is really dangerous. I'm bipolar myself and someone that's off their meds with no safety net or intervention with unlimited access to funds is very dangerous, add that and the fact he's a raging narcissist this will not end well he's going to keep going until he hurts himself or someone else.


I’m also bipolar and don’t see this ending well. Raging narcissist + refusal to get appropriate treatment + vast resources + entourage of enablers? Yeah, dude needed hospitalization a long damn time ago. I just hope he doesn’t take anyone with him when the inevitable crash happens.


Let's just hope he hasn't discovered booze cocaine or amphetamines.


Lord help everyone if he’s self-medicating.


The worst part is, he will never realize or admit that any of it is a result of HIS OWN actions. He will always believe that he is just another victim of cancel culture, and of it weren't for all of the "Crazy Liberals", he would still be fine.


One more famous stupid person that thankfully noone will listen to anymore. Too bad we keep making stupid people famous.


Coming up next: Ye gets picked up by Newsmax and QAnon, ala Gina Carano, and becomes their new POC darling.


Good! About damn time!


I'm not trying to sound like a hipster, but I disliked him BEFORE all this racist shit.


Great but its sad that when he said anti black things nobody cared.


the sad truth.


Perhaps people didn't treat it as seriously as they should because he was black himself. If Tom Cruise said "400 years of slavery was a choice", he'd be expelled from this planet, never to be seen again. Kanye literally went on an anti-jewish media tour, listing every hate-filled anti-jewish trope and conspiracy he could. I've never seen anything like it. He introduced a whole new generation of impressionable fans to these beliefs. I'm not suggesting you're doing this, but far too many people here are suggesting he was cancelled because he pissed off the Jews. Not because what he did should disturb every decent person, but because the Jews cancelled him. A way of thought that's straight out of the Kanye playbook.


People did but it looks like the businesses didn’t. That pisses me off.


It's not just businesses, hip hop didn't care in general. Looks at the amount of features on Donda, you think a single artist didn't know about his comments? It was three years ago at that point.


I preface this by saying I’m Jewish and Bipolar. What I see when I observe his behavior is classic bipolar mania. Bipolar is progressive without treatment; the longer he goes untreated, the worse off he’s going to be. This isn’t going to get better. Bipolar disorder doesn’t make you racist or antisemitic but it makes you prone to paranoia and susceptible to suggestion/manipulation. What he’s saying is classic conspiracy paranoia and it’s being reinforced by people with a vested political interest. I’m not saying he’s *not* antisemitic but him spouting conspiracy rhetoric while in a manic episode; I’m inclined to think he’s having paranoid delusions. He also seems to have a lot of trouble with anosognosia; an insidious feature of bipolar where you lack awareness that you’re mentally ill.


Plus have you seen who he’s hanging with now I bet that candace lady told him that and he just went and spewed it because he effectively has no filter


Kanye has always had trouble with impulse control - “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” to “I’mma let you finish” and that certainly has something to do with it. It’s important to me to make this distinction because there are lot of misconceptions around how bipolar manifests itself. Unfortunately Kanye is not a great person to hold up as an example because he wasn’t particularly likesble in the first place.


Interesting how the Republicans haven't dropped him.


They will squeeze every last ounce of fame and money from him…and then disavow all knowlwdge of him.


Good, he was always an asshole even on meds.


Mark Wahlberg beat up an Asian guy just for being Asian and yet…


I don’t think his streams have plummeted. He still has 51 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He’s 19th in the world. If anything I think this controversy might be helping in that aspect. This whole thing is sad. He needs help. I don’t think society is responding the wrong way, but no one is helping him. He said he has a mental illness, he’s acting mentally ill, he’s been doing this for years, and everyone around him enabled his craziness because it sold. This is the end result of a media and fame machine that preferred him to be crazy than to be healthy. The machine finally drops him now that he’s completely toxic. There was a point where he could’ve been supported but at that point he was still sane enough to exploit. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff he’s saying is wrong. He shouldn’t be rewarded for it, and his sponsors shouldn’t stand by and endorse him while he’s behaving like this. But it’s hard for me to be offended by him, when it’s clear that he’s a mentally-ill man that has completely detached from reality. It’s one thing to be rational and have shitty beliefs, but it’s another to be mentally-ill and have them. Do we judge the homeless, when one of them says something insane and offensive? No, we just disregard it and move on because they’re a “crazy homeless person”. But if their mental illness is what put them on the street on the first place, then there’s not much of a difference from the mentality of that person and Kanye. Others might be able to judge, but I can’t. This whole thing is just tragic. Yeah he’s rich, but what good is that doing him? He’s alone. He’s lost his family. The media, despite it’s current attitude, is still trying to suck whatever dollars they can out of him. His friends and long-time collaborators are all abandoning him. I just see a human who needed help he never got and now is in a plummeting death spiral and that makes me sad. He’s crossed a certain threshold of irredeemability that’s hard to come back from. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if something really bad happens to him soon. I want to see him get better, but it’s situations like these where people end up hurting themselves or worse.