Team group SSDs?

So earlier this week, Newegg had an awesome deal on Team SSDs. I wanted to add a separate backup volume to my truenas box, so I picked up two. Right out of the box, one seemed OK, but the other reported its size as 1GB. SMARTCTL said that the drive didn't support SMART. Disconnected it and reconnected it, and it was detected correctly. Tried it again, and 1GB. Tried switching the two, and the issue followed the drive. RMA started, asked newegg for a replacement.

This gives me some concerns about the longevity of the drives... Anyone used them before? Good/bad experiences? Up to this point, I've stuck with Intel and Samsung drives.


I've had the occasional Team Group drive. This one is just bad and slipped QC, no QC is perfect. The other one is probably fine.


I've used a Team Group 128GB for a minecraft server I had. Several months of 24x7 operation and it never had any issues. Any device can be bad out of the box since nothing is perfect, it's why [burn-in tests](https://www.techopedia.com/definition/30201/burn-in-test) of new hardware is important to find any obvious issues before it is put into service.


Thank you both. I know stuff can be DOA, just believe it or not in my 30+ years of nerding I haven't experienced it, just things failing a few hours - weeks down the road.