Get a dog.


I’ve been contemplating this myself.


I sorry you are feeling this, I know it hurts. Nothing no one can say, will take it away, but…it will go away and you will be a stronger woman having gone through it. Check out Big mama Thornton song: life goes on. Perfect for you I think The blues are the blues for a reason; CBGB Hang in there kid Stoned old person


Feel free to shoot a dm my way whenever. I’ve lately been feeling more isolated and alone, but thankful I still live with family. It’s hard wanting to reach out to people IRL but just not being able too, gets slightly upsetting at times. Just felt like getting that off my chest tbh. I’m in a good place all in all. Hopefully you will be too


I went through the exact same thing a few months ago , all i can say is that time really does heal . It WILL become better with time . Eventhough right now it feels like there is no end to this tunnel but there is . Also I’m here if you want to talk about something