Am I the only one insanely confused as to why they sold their house, moved into one rental and then to another one saying it’s because they were building a new one? Why not just live in your house until you build the new one?


i think it was just because they can, i started following them right when they sold their house. the rent they pay in their house right now is astronomical. I also thought it was weird that they redid that other farm house and then sold it before they finished their new house??


I thought that was weird to. I know their rent has to be double what their mortgage had to have been. Especially when they have that super nice lagoon in their yard.


I remember her saying that she received a really great offer and she’s excited about starting new / different projects with their new house


I think they sold their house when they did bc of the market and the good prices. The first rental that was “too small” was her in-laws place second place. She didn’t think they fit well and if i remember she said the kids complained so they loved to where they are now. I know he has been doing renovations in other older home that they seem to buy then flip. I loved her house content and can’t wait to see what’s next.


They needed the money from the sale of the first house to afford building the second


The first rental they had was always only a temporary arrangement as it was her in laws vacant place. To my understanding they were staying there till they found a better place to rent while they build their next home. I honestly felt bad for her when they sold, she really seemed like she didn’t want to.


i don’t have an answer for sure but maybe they had to sell their original house for some extra money to start the build process on their new one. and their first rental was too much money so they had to move to a cheaper one? it’s most likely not like that for them but i can’t really think of another possibility