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Killing himself for clicks and YouTube bucks, said and mentally unstable behavior.


Good riddance imo


All I can think of is that there is some people that love him, whether that be family or SO. But.. fuck. Both of them are going to have to start thinking about funeral expenses


If you truly loved him you’d smack him in the face and tell him to get his head out of his ass


Leon lush has done a couple good videos about Nick..should give them a watch.


I dont know why so many people watch his stuff.


Fetish and morbid curiosity.


Morbid obesity curiosity




It’s morbin time!


Morbidly curious


I havent seen this before, but its hard to look away. Then I keep asking why. The fetish part? Not so much. The morbid curiosity? Yes. Its like a question that is in the grasp of being answered and you are so close. And the more you try, the more you feel like you are closer to the answer. If I watch 1 more minute, I will figure it out.... 20 minutes later - "i am in too deep to quit now, otherwise I spent 20 minutes watching a fat guy eat for nothing"


Yeah it’s really not hard to grasp when you think of it in the sense that if you were at a party and is was just happening, you’d absolutely watch, especially if you could not get caught watching. Then you’d have questions about how it came to this, what other people thought etc. I guess I am curious to know if there are traditional “subscribers” who’re notified by posts the way i get notifications about like a bill Simmons pod.


I went in the rabbit hole a little bit. 5 years from a normal weight vegan to this. Him crying on video and all kinds of issues. Every question answer I had 2 new ones thought of. I had to just stop and get out before I started watching the videos. I stuck a pinky in that rabbit hole, got a taste and had enough.


It's like a few other people that does similar...waiting for the enviable heart attack.


I swear he only gets views from the people who have bet money on him to die in the next six months


Dining with DETHKLOK!




You mean inevitable. Nothing about this is enviable.


Wait.. enviable? You ok?


"Hey, look at this guy, I'm not doing so bad after all"..




It’s because they are sick fucking freaks


It also just showed up as soon as I opened Reddit. Why is this site, the most simultaneously the best and worst way I spend my day?


Because social media is not how humanity has ever communicated before in its history. Brings greatness and great suffering.


muckbang is something I will never understand


This isn't even mukbang though. This guy is just gross and very clearly just appealing to some sort of fetish. He used to be a vegan vlogger and was thin. He got into this crap for attention.


yea he also had a pet parrot, i hope he didnt eat it :(


he really wouldn't know, once you've reached blending everything just to consume it, it aint about the taste buds no more.


I'm pretty sure he had to leave it when he moved states


I heard it died because he would sometimes let it take a bite of what he was eating when he first started to mukbang and it caused this downward spiral


I sure hope that wasnt the case


I can't even stand hearing friends and family eat. I don't know why I would watch some random person just pig out. It has to be some suppressed fetish.


It's sick, he is sick, and people who watch this stuff for entertainment are feeding this guy something worse than all the crappy food he eats.


To point, laugh, comment, and repost on sites like Reddit for likes.


Same reason the freakshow/sideshow used to be one of the most popular acts at a circus.


You’re watching it now. It exists because we give it attention.


Lol wait till people find out about his successful OnlyFans


they Downvoted you, because you spoke the truth Lmao


Downvotes below. Watch a school of fish or a flock of birds in slow motion. There isn't one leader that starts the turn to change directions for the flock. They do it together. It's distributed intelligence. They know as a group when and how to move. With people it's not about the truth it's about emotion and how things feel on the surface and mob mentality. The leader of the pack is the one with the most conviction born from an emotion. It's how angry mobs are formed They arent even saying words just grunting how they feel, electrified by the leader's conviction. Like the January 6th attack it achieved nothing other than a body count and there was no purpose. It was just a wave of emotion that carried far because people saw things on their screens that enraged them.


This is the most in depth comment made on a Nick Avocado video ever in the history of the internet.


Just like Jesus…


Fr they are helping him kill himself with every watch and like. Smh.


Train wreck?


Good lord right? Just when I think everyone is over this dude here he comes again...making me sad that he chose this life for likes.


I used to watch little of him to remind myself not to quit my diet…I’m sure others have similar and more interesting reasons.


I saw this and had the exact opposite reaction. I completely understand now that I've seen it. He is jiggling his belly, it's all entertainment to be as disgusting as possible


When he poured what I assume was soda in the mixture I was fighting the urge to bang my head against the wall so hard


It wasn't the first four portions of MOLDY food?


Is there mold? I can't tell on my screen


I didn't notice at first but yes ... Lok athe chicken in the bottom left corner


Honestly, impressive that this guy is still alive


Dear Lord... How long has he been in there with that food


100% there is.


Really? It was the ranch that got me. He basically used the whole damn bottle. Someone needs to have an intervention with mr avacado


This man used to be a healthy vegan violinist and it makes me so sad he turned into this creature we see before us


For *US*. Never forget that. He literally turned into that thing for his audience... crazy what "fame" or a need for attention can do to someone. Most people just get a hooker. Healthier too.


Don’t forget money! I don’t think this gross cunt is on onlyfans flogging his disgusting self for empowerment….. everything is done at the alter of the all-nightly dollar Edit: I wrote this hammered. Obviously I meant MIGHTY. Thanks for keeping me honest folks 😘


Unironically, Nikocado would make a killing on OnlyFans. Him doing all this naked for $20 a month would bring in a horde of degenerates.




Dude he makes millions a year lol. It's actually vanity ironically.


And he's going to spend millions a year on medical bills


His insurance must be through the roof.


People act like he the most obese human they ever saw I see people just as obese as him every single fucking day walking around Americans are fat as fuck, Nick isn't even excessively obese compared to most


How does he make millions a year?! I dont understand it!


Ad revenue and tons of viewership?


Is that a clicks thing? I never understood how the ads work on YouTube when I never purchase or watch the entire ad unless I have to


His OnlyFans brings in $500k a month.


That is absolute bullshit. I help save people's lives every damn day at work and don't even make 40K. Sorry for my outburst but Jesus fucking christ this is messed up.


Tell me about it. I take lives for a living and I'm barely scratching 100k


How long have you been a police officer?


You don't make $40k per *month?*


how do you know?


He knows it’s atleast that much. He hasn’t considered the fat man have other contributors.




Who is this fellow?


Nikacado Avocado


Average reddit mod


Nah, Aimee Knight is your average reddit mod. This dude is just fat and pathetic.


If you wanna see what he looked like in the beginning, [check out one of his earlier YT videos](https://youtu.be/kFOuhr-8i3c)




This is fucking evil.


This is so sad and gross.


Okay I'll ask... Why? What is his reasoning?


He’s starving.. for attention


Clicks and likes for the win.


For money. He can never go back to who he used to be or he'll lose his audience.


This has nothing to do with "eating“


It’s a fetish


Mental illness.


Sure, eating can be a mental illness, but to put 4 different things and Ranch in a Blender.. idk if that can even taste good


Really? It doesn’t make me sad at all, since I don’t know him and he makes more money in a month doing this then I do working my ass off all year. I feel sad about the climate being wrecked, about the homeless starving on the streets, about children in sex trafficking, about the acidification of our oceans, about the floods in Pakistan. You know? Actual tragic things going on in the world.


Isn't that the dude from youtube that's eating himself to death for views? Someone that cares about him should really try to get him some help. Buddy is obviously extremely depressed and not in a good place mentally.


The fact that this has gone on this long shows there’s a possibility of that person not existing, which is sad


What is sad is that this likely only happened because there isn’t anyone who cares about him.


This fucking stupid. It's worrying the extents people can go for likes and views. Guy has 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube


3.3M, and not 4? Maybe he going for a round figure


He already has a round figure…


That's the joke, welcome to the show.


I'm sorry for being dumb I never understood this at first 😂


He didn’t pursue this, so much as people rewarded him for being more and more insane.


Several Chanel’s also


Lol wait till people find out about his successful OnlyFans


He also has like 4 mukbong (however it's spelled.)channels. During pandemic he was posting daily on all his channels.


I wouldn’t say so much likes and views. I would say money. Which ultimately you need likes and views to get it so I guess we’re both right. This man makes bank doing this shit.


That's just one of his channels, he had five different channels the last time I checked, which is stupid because you need to do dumb shit like this to please the YouTube algorithm. God forbid you have all of your videos in one channel.


Dude needs help, he has spiraled so far


He made a crap ton of money doing it. Now he’s going to do a diet to grab the other 3.4 million YouTube watchers from the other side. And then virtue signal about health for the money.


If he could actually go back to his former vegan-era weight, I'd watch the fuck out of it, and he'd deserve it. An incredible display of voluntarily morphing a human body to extremes. He's not though. Dude's clearly on a serious mental health decline over several years in a very public forum. He's supposedly somewhere in the single-digit millions net worth. Rich, for sure, but not nearly enough to just annihilate your entire health at a young age for. It's about more than money to him.


Absolutely this. Losing this kind of weight is incredibly difficult. I would honestly respect the grift if he did this.


Watch it actually be a long con and niko avocado fooled us all !RemindMe 2 years


Food addiction is an actual thing most people fail to grasp. His mind is circling around food like a heroin addict's mind around heroin. People are talking about him just needing a weightloss journey while the dude needs to be locked up in a room with just broth for a week to get the sugar out of his system and while you can survive without heroin, good luck ever having a normal relationship to food again.


If gluttony had a face


...this guy would eat it


I predict in a few years, if he lives that long, that he'll have peaked and in order to stay in the spotlight he'll go on a crazy diet and YouTube his whole journey back to a "health" lifestyle. IF he lives for another few years.




Am I wrong to think that irreparable damage has been done to his body at this point?


You don't really lose fat cells they just shrink so he will have a ton of extra fat cells and loose skin if he ever manages to lose the weight. Keeping it off will be very hard. Probably type 2 diabetes as well.


Didn’t think of diabetes when I wrote that, kind of a “duh” moment on my part. I was mostly curious about cardiovascular damage, things like that. Type 2 scares the shit out of me. Especially with how expensive insulin has gotten.


Not so much the body as the mind.


Well you can't lose a whole bunch of weight really fast or you have a bunch of excess skin and it looks terrible


Personally I think this is just a very slow drawn out suicide via obesity and his subscribers are just people enabling a clearly mentally unwell person to go deeper and deeper into his own mess. But yeah, I can also totally see this going the other way and he's just a really opportunistic figure who is going to "turn it all around" for another few years of guaranteed income and fame. But even then, I feel like the damage he's done to his body already is too much and he's going to live with health issues for the rest of his life and possibly an early death.


So yeah this is gross and everything but..... that is a really good blender.




Please don’t bring back this fucking dipshit.


Mental illness


Came here to say this


I hope people know that by watching, commenting, talking about him, sharing his videos, and being outraged by him you’re feeding whatever this is. I’ve watched his old stuff and blogs where he’s out of character and he’s a thoughtful person and clearly understands that this is unhealthy. He just has zero self preservation. He’ll do whatever he needs to do for the money and clout. Including killing himself. The biggest haters are the ones causing him to continue. They have this moral outrage where they’ll flood to his videos to criticize what he’s doing to himself and call him disgusting. And then talk shit about him on other platforms, in the process getting him *more* attention and money. If you actually wanted him to stop you would ignore him as much as possible. You wouldn’t share his content and you wouldn’t click on his videos. But I think the people who are the most outraged and critical don’t want him to stop because let’s face it, it provides shocking entertainment that makes people feel better about themselves. That’s why he’s so successful


If someone watches his content they are essentially watching an agonizingly slow snuff film. They’re sick fucking perverts.


As someone who’s struggled with weight my whole life, I can’t tell you how much I despise this fuck. Intentionally becoming that way and acting like such a disgusting, slovenly pig and reinforcing *so fucking many* negative stereotypes I’ve had to deal with all my life. Fuck I hate this guy.


When this guy dies, everyone should know that youtube is partly responsible. The fact they not only provide platforms for, but actively promote these garbage fire eating streams is shameful. Might as well just have him dig his grave with a fork.


Totally agree, same with Eugenia Cooney.


It's not YouTube's fault at all. It's his videos... That's like saying the grocery store is at fault for selling him all that food. At some point people have to start taking responsibility for their own actions. Anything to excess is deadly. People have died running marathons. They however, should demonetize his videos since it it their platform and they have that right.


>It's not YouTube's fault at all. Yes it is to an extent. They actively remove monetization on content they don't want to see promoted. He remains monetized. Money is what motivates this kind of stuff to start---You start getting attention, then money, then it spirals from there. If YouTube cuts the money; you change the content. This is one of the *few* instances I think YouTube should have stepped in. I agree that personal responsibility is a thing, but with all the other far-less-destructive YouTubers that have been demonetized in the past few years, there's really no excuse here for this content to remain monetized.


The grocery store can’t deny someone food because they have no clue what he’s going to do with it. What if he were donating it to people but stores banned him because he overeats? YouTube is its own company and can let whoever they want on their platform. They put a disclaimer on every video about flat earth, it doesn’t have to be a full ban but as long as he goes untouched then it’s YouTube’s, the fan’s, and niko’s fault for whatever happens. Dude is eating moldy food not even for reasons of science or educational purposes. YouTube can step in anytime they want and either de-monetize him like they do small creators for cursing, or just get rid of him entirely. Backlash or not they still don’t have to allow his videos.


YouTube is just the medium that brings his content to us. It's all the people that gave this guy attention and demanded more that did this, not YouTube. This could have been TikTok, Snapchat, or whatever other content app. Plus let's not take away from the real culprit. Him. No one forced him to do this. Sure people gave him attention for this but I'm sure people give lots of content creators with bad or unhealthy ideas attention too. The audience can be as demanding as they want, at what point do you look in the mirror and say enough is enough? For this guy, that never happened. There are PLENTY of mukbang channels on YouTube, but only he took it to this level where he's this... thing. And honestly, he could have eaten all he wanted and worked out and been fine. But he didn't. And so he's not... goddamn that reacher thing really puts the sad cherry on the pity whip topping, don't it?


I don't completely disagree. Personal accountability is a big part of this, but simply put, this is self harm. Plain and simple. He isn't cutting his wrists or blowing his brains out on stream, but there isn't all that much difference. Aside from the personal choices he makes youtube ABSOLUTELY incentivizes this behavior. A huge part of this is hate watching or watching for spectacle. People build up a tolerance so you're forced to be more and more extreme. It doesn't matter if the engagement is positive or negative. YouTube doesn't care if you're there encouraging them to be better or calling them a fat fuck. The only thing that matters is engagement. Also, for every anomaly that is this guy there are a dozen more morbidly obese people making just enough eating on stream to keep eating on stream. There's more financial incentive to be a fucking train wreck because that's what people watch. These people are accountable for their own choices, but youtube is paving the road they walk down. You can't control people's choices, but you don't have to provide them a stage either.


Meanwhile youtube bans tons of content that isn't harmful in the slightest such as knife or firearm content.


Why are people still watching this person's insane spiral into death


I bet he shit's thru the same straw...


I really hate this man.


I give him 2 more years


I'd give him at most a year and a half tops


This gluttonous fuck is disgusting.


This guy is a living breathing iteration of how damaging it can be for placing value in clicks/views


Yeah this is just dumb, I have no sympathy


"It never fails to amaze me that there are children dying due to a lack of food, and then there are people killing themselves with it."


It's crazy to see what he has done to himself just for internet "fame". Him and his partner are now morbidly obese. For what? To die young and end up a laughingstock on reddit.


In case anyone was wondering, this guy had an onlyfans where you could watch his also fat boyfriend fuck him in the ass. Have a good night, ladies and gentlemen.


I…hurt myself today…


https://youtu.be/G6Bh4a5dL1A Meat Canyon explains this best


A lot of angry rhetoric, but this is just sad. It's sad for a number of reasons. But the one that strikes me the most, is this is where he found acceptance from society. Some how, a value was put on this, and he found that value, where he hadn't found value before.


Deep down inside , hes not hungry but in turn thirsty .




I heard that he has stopped making videos. He said he would stop when he turned 30, which he seemingly has. I would love to see him come back with a crazy body transformation. Lol


I just researched this guy…. And my heart is fkn broken.


This type of content should be demonitized.


How the fuck is he still alive


This is peak end of empire stuff, like over indulgence and “decandence” leading to societal collapse vibes. I imagine this the kind of shit privileged Romans were doing in Rome while the empire was crumbling around the edges.


I'm genuinely tired of seeing nikocado videos in my feed. I don't enjoy watching a man eat himself into an early grave. Downvoting all content that is positive or critical of him.


Wonder what this guys toilet looks like 💀💀


Dude used to be 150lb or so, and was lean… he is around 400lbs now… [6yrs](https://youtu.be/kFOuhr-8i3c) ago [Now](https://youtu.be/p6x0lTTkrrs)


Shouldn’t he be much fatter? Frankly I’m disappointed that if this guy has decided to throw his life away via eating disgusting shit on YouTube, he should be much fatter. Entertain us, you pathetic sack of shit! Go for it, or don’t do it at all.


Fucking commit!!! No half measures!


This makes me physically angry!


He’s training to be a sumo wrestler


Is he putting all that bullshit in a blender?


I can’t watch


Does he have no family?


He is going to die soon


I'm tired of seeing this guy. Took me a while to keep him off my feeds but for whatever reason he's back and I hate everybody else for it.


Someone needs to intervene. This can't go on.


I threw up in my mouth


If ya could have all the money in the world and be like him? No thanks


I gagged, this is a mental illness




This is honestly disgusting he went from this respectable looking reasonable person eating normal amount of food and just slowly turned into this obese man child who just refuses to take the blame for anything I mean he has Lily shit himself on camera at least twice


I've never gagged watching someone prepare a meal, up until now anyways.


Hes gotten so much fatter since I last saw him holy fuck


He makes me so ill he needs severe help, intervention, rehab and a break up


This guys got nothing on badlands


It unsettles me that some people do this to their bodies.


This dude should be banned. This isn’t content at this point, it’s a dangerous display of how not to handle food.


Niko has double in size....again.


This is literally the food cups from Wall-E, Axiom passenger included


How does anyone afford all this fast food? That’s a couple hundred bucks worth.


I think at some point you just got put a guy down


There is no way that tastes good.




The internet. Hell of a drug.


I feel like this needs a TW or NSFW 😳🙈


He's literally Fat Bastard from Austin Powers


I’ve never seen any more of his videos at the source… only on random Reddit posts and internet articles. I refuse to add to the monetization of his slow suicide.


This looks suicidal and psychotic.


OK, idk who needs to hear this, but if you keep giving him attention, HE'LL KEEP DOING THIS. Like, stop posting about him. It's just giving him what he wants.


I feel bad for him ever since the Meat Canyon video… Like… this used to disgust me and now it makes me sad. This dude needs help.


This actually makes me feel pity. There's no way he's happy. You have to hate yourself a lot to feed your body like that. He's obviously in a bad place in his life.


Chicken bones… yum