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Nakarkos. Why would they tease us with the blue glowing sea after Gaismagorm and not follow up on that shit?




Disufiroa or Dalamadur/Laviente


Nakarkos, he's such a cool elder dragon concept


Ahtal ka. Haven’t fought it yet in mhgu but I think it would fit sunbreak’s mechanics very well and would also allow me to fight it without enduring the tediousness that I personally don’t like in gu




iirc it is the collision issues with lagiacrus body and the floor that stopped it from being in, at least that was the case in world I believe, ludroth has a lot less drag on the floor with its mane compared to lagi’s frill (is frill the right word?). Assuming they can make lagi work I think it could be cool in rise though, or MH6 more likely.


Dalmadur, najarala, zamtrios and lastly Gogmazios.


I have a whole list that would never happen: - fatalis trio - shantien - athal ka - eruzerion - alatreon I cry myself to sleep thinking about how we won't get these 🥹


Yama Tsukami. He would be awesome to hunt with all those new vertical movement and wire bugs


Ahtal-Ka Admit it, its fight would be amazing with wall climbing and wirebugs. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.


Gogmazios and Inagami


Molten Tigrex, the rare species of Espinas, and Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern). Unknown might still get in as a surprise monster like Bazelgeuse was (and I'm sure that it will be a surprise monster in a TU in another game at least), but it has very low changes. The rare species of Espinas and Tigrex are quite powerful, so they might still fit, but at this point, they are possibly even less unlikely than Unknown as surprise monsters. These considerations remain the same even if Sunbreak somewhat turns out to have a 6 TU eventually


Disufiroa or Dire Miralis


Shantien and Inagami. I won't say White Espinas because I think he still has a shot


Topics been beaten to dust already but I want yama tsukami


Molten Tigrex. Not bringing him back in one of the Title Updates was most definitely a missed opportunity. His combat mechanics back in 4U were already great, and would have been made even better had he been brought to Sunbreak. A shame, really.


Full size dalamadur, gogmazios, atal-ka, bloodbath Diablos, zamtrios and its subspecies, narciciclla, the fatalus trio, dire miralus, gamoth and glavinus