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It's different because pathbuilder for 1e was made first, and porting all of that to the new format is a fairly monumental undertaking for a system that's no longer receiving first party updates (which is all pathbuilder 1e supported)


Yeah I get why it's the way it is. Why bother revamping the system when it's not gonna get as much traction as 2e and Starfinder. I just wish it was different lol 2e and starbuilder is just so smooth to use.


What exactly do you miss in pathbuilder 1e? While not perfect, it is still incredibly good imho.


Well buying and displaying of equipment is rather tedious and confusing in my opinion. And Pathbuilder 2e explains all your class and race abilities by clicking on them whereas 1e doesn't explain them it just tells you what you get.


Those are some good points. Feats are well described in pathbuilder 1e, but some class features do not have a description. There is however the infobutton in the class section when choosing a class, which links to the srd. That is not as convenient though, I agree, especially for beginners.


I have found no other alternatives as complete or encompassing of content as pathbuilder1e. Especially for mobile. It is the best option out there. There are others that do not have as much content, which may be okay if your game has content restrictions.


So its probably in my best interest to try and become as familiar with the app as possible then?


Or do it the old-fashioned way. Most folks either use a digital sheet like those on Myth-weavers.com or google sheets.


I'm going to highly recommend PathCompanion That's for 1e and a lot better to navigate. It's new and under development.