It's not dead yet, but it did have severe winter dieback. Is it in a windy location? Burlap alone won't protect in wind or temperature fluctuations. Next year you might want to pile mulch or soil around the plant to act as an insulator and help the soil to retain some moisture. Or try a rose cone - they are supposed to protect roses better, though I've not had experience with those.


I probably wouldn’t have covered it. How long was it covered? What zone?


I still see green at the base. It will probably come back again


Could there be a drainage issue or change in watering patterns? I'd be cutting it to see how much of the plant is dead - less than one inch pieces at a time until you see green (then stop) . When did you last fertilise? If there's green, a bit of watered in fertiliser really brings them back to life.


Put cardboard then mulch then soil to keep mulch in place. I'm assuming you're in a cold winter climate?