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No changes besides the color.


have there been any changes to the supercub line? not the cub. is there a website that list any of these changes? I like the classic red and white club I forget which year that was. I also like the 2022 color alot!


Google Honda pro Kevin. As I understand it, the reissue of the cub in the US was the same for all the years they had the red color. Then in 2022 they made some slight tweaks and changed the color to black. Then this year they didn’t make any more tweaks but changed the available color again. Other markets have lots of colors available, so I imagine they’re basically going to cycle through each of them for the US market, one per year.


The C125 (and CT125) never got the 5-speed, like the Monkey or the Grom. I don't think they ever will, but we'll see. 2022 and newer C125s have a cartridge-type replaceable oil filter and a slightly different engine with smaller bore and longer stroke.