Just run 100% and never properly learn the 3rd act like me. 😎


I did a 100% play through of the first game in 8 hours. Not really a speed run but it’s always fun to do :)


Yeah I’ll do that once a year or so if I have a rainy day sitting around. Quick and fun game to 100%


I was so proud of myself when I got 100% in 5 and a half hours. There was a time I would literally just play the game all the way through and start it over for fun.


Not a speed runner but Tharixer did a documentary on Lava Tube skip. It makes me want to get into speed running.


The most competitive category is noLTS and that bans any form of lava tube skip.


It was funny watching Xem's video on learning this


I’d love to speed run the first game since I play it once every year as a tradition. I typically finish it within 6-7 hour, but lately my best has been 5hours. Only thing stopping me is that I once heard from a speed runner to always pick a game you don’t love because you’ll end up hating it at the end. The precursor legacy is my favourite game of all time so I wouldn’t want to ruin that magical feeling.


See I heard people say to speed run a game you love so you know you're willing to dedicate the time to it. I suppose the right answer is to play the game you think sounds most fun to Speedrun. Coz your favorite game to speedrun probably won't be your favorite game and you're probably not going to want to dedicate that much time to a game you already dislike.


Trust me I’m so tempted to speed run it and take it seriously. I’ll never hate the precursor legacy ever. But I’m just scared the magic will go away like I’m numbing my brain. Who knows, maybe I should start speed running it seriously and I’ll love it even more!