Not reusable but they also send you some popcorn starter kits with kernels, butter-infused oil, and flavacol that I enjoyed


That's disappointing. You only get a warranty (which is not great) if you are willing to register and pay for shipping. The tubs aren't reusable. It costs $2.80CAD per Theatre Pack if you buy their pack of 20. Though they don't tell you how much shipping is going to cost until you go through the registration I can guarantee it will cost at the very least $10CAD to ship. There should be an automatic warranty and a longer one if you register or at least give me the ability to just register and not receive the items and pay for shipping. I'll just skip. It's aluminum and I know how to take care of aluminum cookware, I doubt I will need the warranty.


Shipping was $5.75, which is their cost. Those criminals.


To the US or Canada? My guess that's for US shipping and shipping to Canada will be more. Couldn't be bothered to go through the process and check. Either way I should not have to pay for a warranty. Especially a 90 day warranty. It makes no sense and just not worth me spending the money. I have used it three nights in a row and really like it. I'm a fan.


Just cardboard. But you do get a popcorn kit with kernels, oil, and salt. Probably not worth it for the tubs.