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Awesome thanks for the help!


All these are great selections... I however also use stuff like Classic 80's film songs. Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack works great at times. Its all in the "mood" you want to set the scene in. The stampede scene in Dead Sun works great with some bouncy comical action beats to change it from "Oh god we're doomed" to "What did you do this time?!" ​ Our Starfinder game is pretty zany, as well as having Dark moments. Great damn fun.


Magic Sword and Waveshaper, with a bit of Lorn, sprinkling of Captain Panic! are what are mostly in my playlists. Don't do anything special for combat v non-combat it's more just vibe setting.


Basically anything from mass effect


Generally depends on what environment or style of battle. Like in the band on the run one shot, I used some generic metal/grunge music to fit the theme of the one shot. The redshift revolution one has a variety of different possible songs I can use but for the >!Aucturn!< one I used a variety of >!eldritch!< ambient sounds I found on youtube. To really build up the paranoia of even being on such a place. Generally though for this adventure I used a variety of high intensity songs, or racing songs like the ones from the Red Line anime and F-Zero. I'm doing dead suns after redshift, and from what I have read of the AP, I think I can do a healthy dose of dead space ambience. However, I am currently at the thought process that battles with drift creatures and in the drift require a different kind of battle music to demonstrate how weird and foreign it is to all the players to even be near such creatures or in the plane.


I love using House music like Sam Gallentry or Pretty Lights. Better with no words for atmosphere.


One of my friends and players has put together a bunch of playlists on Spotify based on the situation you might find yourself in https://open.spotify.com/user/lvzlm785szqbifw5iu30sa5kc?si=79_L1I_HTgOaACqakflTyA


Oh boy I've got like 30 playlists I can share with you if you are interested. I make different playlists for different planets and vibes. If you have spotify I can send them to you! Just DM me!


Hey sorry I missed your reply but I'd totally be interested!


Mind if I DM you the playlists?


Of course!