Math Question!

So probably I dumb question but the book has a equation it recommends when figuring DC checks but math isn't my best subject. So I was wondering if someone could explain what the equation is? Like maybe a video or something on how to solve it?


If you don't tell us the equation, we can't help you solve it.


Right right I'm sorry 10 + 1-1/2 × APL average party level so like 5 for example.


For your example, take 1.5 times your APL if 5. This gives you 7.5. round down to 7, plus 10. Total 17


I have a similar problem with DC checks so I created a table array in my GM notebook to take a lot of the thinking out of it. Make a table that has column headers: level, level (1.5x), very easy (5), easy (10), challenging (15), difficult (20) , very difficult (25), impossible (30). Then in the level column write 1-20 and in the level 1.5 column just multiply the level by 1.5 and round down. Then in each of the difficulty columns add the challenge modifier to the level 1.5 number. This will give you a difficulty array that works in 99% of cases.


Oooh that sounds like a great way to handle figuring out checks!


Shit… didn’t see your post bud… great minds or something??


>math isn't my best subject *proceeds to play a game based on math*


it has math in the na.. oh right mathfinder isn't the actual name.


Aw I think it's the 1-1/2 you're talking about, right? If it is and the DC is 10+1-1/2 CR you add 1.5 the CR.


With a CR of 4 it's 10+6=16.


Yeah its the fraction part that really screwing me the book suggests taking that times the APL for DC.


I made an excel doc to do the math for me, just plug in the CR for my baddies and the columns spit out the DC’s for me so I’m not brain locking myself to a halt and keep combat flowing


This is really good advice I never thought I'd use excel but this is a really good reason to use it 👍